Friday, December 30, 2011

Current Training Update

this sissy has a treat for all her admirers... my Princess has given me some punishment... giggles.. don't worry, it's the kind i like! hehe (but don't get me wrong.. the bad kind of punishment is horrible!). i willingly committed to detailing my self-abuse at Her command, here - in public, for all to see. i also wanted to try to upload some video for the first time..... hehe, guess what comes next? XD

So some notes.... i was filled with passion when i got this idea. my dream is that She will watch and be happy with me. In some ways my lack of self-control defeats me though. i did not want to risk losing my opportunity 'window' by taking the time to shave and prep properly.. so i look hairy and fat... which i am (hairy) and not really(fat). Without any prep i wasn't going to go hard-core either... but it's not something i rule out, but the situation has to be right for filming at any rate!. Anyway, i hope you cut me some slack for my appearance... those of you in the closet know how hard it is to have RL and still need to be sissy. i was in such a rush that i didn't even bother to edit it at all.. this means that all details are exposed regarding my surroundings and environment (giggles, the bottle of Gentleman Jack at my feet is kinda embarrassing). There has been no editing. This will change, i'll find out what i need to get and adjust this vid at some point, but for now, appreciate it's uncut glory!

UPDATE: video is gone,, as well as the sister site i will re-upload in the future, but i don't know when. If anyone knows of a good, reliable posting site i can join for free, please let me know.

The story... It's pretty obvious.. but i had to wear my pink lacy panties, and spank my thigh 5 times, hard. i also must wear my nippy clips for the entire day, releaving pressure through twisting every 30 mins. (oooowwwww.... just did it... they tingle all over again.. my tits are flexing and warm!). As you can see.. i went the extra mile.. hehe, but i wanted to be looked at.

Afterwards? my plans? Hmmmmmm... i had to figure out how to upload a video.. and then it had to convert... i took the time to clean and douche my pussy so i could play around with Daddy. Now i sit here with my bra off, but otherwise the same as you saw me. my clips are dangling down, unfettered by my bra cups. my heels are dangling off my toes, and my stockings and panty keep me chubby.

Now i have to work the second part of my orders... giggles.. hehehe.... so me and 'Daddy' are getting in the shower now... hehe... see you in a few hours! **kisses!**

Well.. i didn't reach my goals.. but it sure was fun tryin... i started by wasting too much time figuring out to do the video... then doing the video... then posting.. by the time i was ready, i had only exactly enough planned time alone to complete my duties. A bit of time to prep and clean, then i found some nice Domme TG porn, another BI Cumpilation... ya know, the usual! ;)

i started watching and touching my legs and lacy pricklette. Soon i had Daddy on the wall and i was going down.. deep and hard.... over and over. i think i really like facefucking! Once i had Daddy all dripping and slimy i stood up and spun around and guided Him inside my needy cunt.

Headphones on and vidoes started, Princess was in my ear, fucking me, i pounded my cheeks against Her thighs, She was taking me... She twisted my clamped nipples, i fucked Her into me deep and hard.

Hearing my slaps on the wall over the porn in my headset woke me up to the noise i was making... hopefully i wasn't moaning like a bitch too! i pulled Daddy off the wall and kept Him firmly in my bottom. Sitting tenderly in my chair i proceeded to ride and rock, soft and slow, and hard and fast for the better part of an hour, hour 15. i milked and ate. my pre was flowing continuously and i love the sweet almost delicate taste of the slime.

Eventually, i slowed my pace and sat still, softly grinding, enjoying Princess's fullness as i sat i Her lap and W/we did internet things. i felt like Her little girl and She was helping me work the computer as i was impaled on Her. my clit was soft, and yet i sooo loved the full feeling inside me.

my pussy started to clench, but not in a girlgasm way, more like a rejection of being so stuffed for so long. she wouldn't stop bearing down and pressing Princess cock tight. It began to hurt. i felt this would be a good time to clean and relax before trying for another 30 mins or so to make sure i hit my mark. i would twist and pull on my nipps every time i felt them go a little numb, keeping my chest burning and tingling the whole time.

i went to the bathroom, and i let meself go. Bending over, head between my knees, i reached behind and let Princess RAM me long and hard for five minutes or so... my clitty began to drip, my pussy spasmed and my girlcum came --- JUST as someone woke up down the hall. SHIT!

i finished (started!) my cleanup, getting everything all sparkly and ready for sucking again. snuck out of the bath and back into my office. and then... all woke up, the hallway and bathroom were busy for the next hour at least, and then missus came home. bummer :( i had to change out of all sissy clothes, and i WAS gonna keep the clips on until bed... but my nippies really began to throb, and the twisting was not helping anymore. i have removed the rubber covers and now use the bare teeth on my nips, it hurts more, but they stay put and dont slip anymore. Anyway, i had to take the clamps off... i hope i dont get a scab where they bit me....

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