Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

Enjoying the eve? i am! giggles... sent all my well wishes to my Second Life family... now enjoying what little time i have left trancing and milking, hehehe!

First vid is awesome! TG Domme porn! OMG! Princess was in my head the whole time! Using me for Her own pleasure! i think its great!

only thing that would make it better is if he was wearing her panties as he worshiped!

Second.... a great, slow, hypno... with full cock suck audio trancing from Isabella Valentine! LUV IT!

Obey... Worship the COCK!

Both clips after the jump!

Princess and i... guess which is which! hehehehe

Amazing cock suck hypno... veiwed many times.. but today... i tried to resist.. all my toys were put away.. but halfway through i was on my knees against the wall, throating Daddy over and over, luving His head, fucking His dick well with my face.... headphones in my ears and eyes closed.. listening to my instruction to Worship the Cock!

Tell me thats not fucking H.O.T.! giggles!

Oh! BTW.... thanks the cigarwill on ( ) for providing the content... i don't think he's the originator.. but that's where i found them!

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