Monday, December 26, 2011

Self-Abuse .... giggles

So is it bad to get so turned on reading your own blog that you cannot help but begin to deep-throat your dildo as you read?

i couldn't take it.. and fortunately i am totally alone. N.Daddy and i took a shower together... or let's say... W/we took a FUCK together! Giggles....

An hour later......

Watching cumeating porn... focused on the spurting cock heads... the dripping pussies, the wide open mouths of whores. Dreaming of sucking on a big donkey dick till i get my prize..... Velvet Mistress worked me over untill i gave up four or five nice gooey drops of sissy juice directly into my coffee cup.

Mmmmmm...... coffee....

Coffee Cum brought to you by Tube8

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