Saturday, December 24, 2011

sissy nic Plays With her New Daddy!

Couldn't wait for her to be gone this morning! i started when she was in the shower... i unwrapped N. Daddy and examined all His beautiful curves and ridges. i lovingly kissed His tip, licking just the end, tickling His piss-slit... i knew i was gonna love eating Him down!

((BTW - it has been my secret shame that i can't deepthroat.. i've tried and tried.. but so far.. my smallest Daddy.. Glass Daddy... has been too stiff and firm for me to push into my gullet.. He presses hard and makes me gag, but i just can't seem to swallow Him. i don't recall being able to swallow any of the RL cocks i've sucked either.. i know i try hard.. but it never seems to happen.  :(   ))

i quickly tested His suction cup, sticking Him to the wall.. His hardness jutting out obscenely. i accidentally stuck Him high on the wall, near my face. Plugged in His controller and tested how noisy He was - not too bad while the shower was running next door, but He would be too loud if the house was silent, and others were home.

Beautiful! Isn't He?!

i couldn't wait any longer. i took Him in my face hole and started loving. His real skin was soo much softer than Glass Daddy... almost real, as if a real cock could be as swollen and as hard as can be, but still with the softness and give that only flesh can provide. N.Daddy is a nice substitute for a real dick!
Slobbering and spitting on Him, i quickly went for it.. i couldn't wait! i pounden my face down, i started His vibrations on my tongue. i pushed and He slipped into my ring! He stretched my face hole! i could feel His head entering my throat! YES! i AM a sissy! YAY!

Coming back for air i KNEW i could do it! N.Daddy easily slipped back down, and i gagged and spit up on Him! Pushing back harder HE SLIPPED INTO me!AL THE WAY! HIS BALLS TOUCHED my COCKSUCKING LIPS! Pulling Him off the wall, i rotated Him for the best angle to slip into my throatcunt, i then began to fuck my face, popping my throat i gagged and spit up, letting the drool and slime run down His length and over His balls and my hand like i've always dreamed!

Perfect for fucking face or boicunt!

Popping Him back onto the wall, at a much better hight... i spun around and placed the slimy tip of His dick onto my twitching pussy lips. Pressing back, N.Daddy easily slipped into me. Being careful to get the same size as Glass Daddy was perfect! New Daddy was a bit thicker, but is softness and bendability made up for it! He felt SOOOOO GOOOD IN me! i stared to bang the wall as His vibrations worked me deep! my clitty thobbed and swelled as i fucked N.Daddy!

Pulling N.Daddy off the wall, i starte to stroke my  cunt good! N.Daddy was reaming my pussy. my hole was His to fuck!, i started to girlcum! my sissy body twiched and my cunt clentched down hard! N.Daddy kept plowing me! His stiff dick massaging the inside of my pussy like nothing else ever had! i've never had a cock in me, in my cunt, since ive opened myself! Never such a reasonable stand-in for a real dick! All my Luvers are sooo hard! They have opened my cunt good, but have never felt as gental and pleasurable as my New Daddy! i was sweating! i was trembling! my whole body was flush with arousal! my nipples were stiff as i went back and forth from pulling my swollen clit to yanking on my hard nips! All the while, N.Daddy took my cunt for His, and i gave it to Him willingly!

New Daddy busted me open and took my heart away!

Just as my girlcums started to re-crest, as i was on my way to a multiple (occasionally, it's so good to get fucked, my pussy gives me multiple girlcums in a row.. my record in like six or seven, before Daddy got tired of fucking my clenching puss) the shower stopped.

She started to make noise in the bathroom and i knew i had limited time. Quickly i thought of my options... i couldn't pull N.Daddy out until i could waddle to the bathroom.... never know what kinda mess i would have... especially since i so quickly went straight to getting fucked with no prep. i really had only one place to hide Him that wouldn't be dirty.

Took a few breaths.. relaxed.. and pushed N.Daddy as deep as He could go, His balls against my ring tightly. Fortunately, even through He was as deep as Glass Daddy can go.. there was none of the deep pinch pain G.Daddy gives me. i smiled.. N.Daddy is definately my new favorite! i pulled my pajama bottoms up and sat down in my chair carefully, being sure to tuck away N.Daddy's cord (i turned the noisy vibes off obviously).

i sat there, slightly rolling my cheeks down, flushed and grinding N.Daddy, watching the door for her sudden entry. i lit a ciggy just to prevent her from being to snoopy.. she doesn't like my ciggy's.

She left the bathroom, and headed right to the bedroom. i knew with her cream routine and as slow as she dresses i would have enough time. Sneaking into the bathroom, i cleaned N.Daddy and myself, and settled down for a fun christmas eve.

BTW, with her working today, and the other going to leave as well.... giggles, i might just try other my other new luver in the shower... She IS waterproof! hehehe


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