Thursday, January 5, 2012

Current Training Update (continued)

i promised to post any vids that helped me spill my cummies. This one was from yesterday... if you have been keeping up, you can imagine that the thoughts and memeories in my head were uncontrollable yesterday morning. Before i ever did anything yesterday... i HAD to touch... i HAD to relive my slutty behavior.

This vid was right up my alley (giggles).... a mix of beautiful cocksucking clips... OMG... i didnt get further than 15mins in before i had the first load drop..... i was a bit worked up. All i could do was focus on the lips wrapped over hard pricks, close my eyes and dream of being on my knees, seeing a TG actress on-screen and dreaming of servicing Princess, showing my skills, i could remember tasting a strangers load on my tongue.

Jump to 16:30 to see what made me spill a second time!

Full vid and cummy details after the jump...

First i came to a real nice cum... it was a nice mix of girlgasm with a full body spasm and warm wash over my being with a sissy-like dribble of a ruined cum. But, unusually, this ruined cum kept dribbling and flowing (without any prostate stimulation) as the feelings of girlgasm kept running through me. Most ruined cummies are small, a few large creamy drops, NOT an full emptying of a ball load. i filled my palm with a pool of slimy jizz. At the time... i thought i would be done with the strong desire. Slurping all the cum up, recycling as any good sissy does, the taste kept me in my fantasy land.

Quickly, i came to a second orgasm. It came quick and almost unexpected. i was going to spurt HARD! i quickly grabbed at my coffee mug. Hands trembling, spilling coffee all over my lap, it was all i can do to get my crown pointed into the cup lip as the lovely cummies came rushing out at full force! i lost count, but i had to have 4, 5, 6 large spurts of creamy goodness, some into the splashing cold coffee, many onto the top edge inside the cup to produce a beautiful cum-fall down the inside of the cup. Many thick and lumpy streams of load to flavor the last couple of mouthfuls of wake-up juice.

Swishing the flavored drink around the inside of the cup, i positioned my lips at the edge coated with rivers of ball juice. Drinking, swallowing, swishing in my mouth.... delicious. Even at the end, the last mouthful as the coffee emptied, i got a hard piece of lumpy cum on my tongue.... i chewed it! i swallowed that disgusting piece of ball snot, and smiled. i am a good sissy. i eat cum and i love it.

Nice huh?

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  1. omg!! This video is so hot it made me soil my panties during the first part! Once I got over being jealous of the woman sucking the huge meat, I got soooo excited!