Saturday, February 4, 2012

Suggested Reading

So... i guess it's obvious i like erotica (not just hardcore porn), and i like the written word... it allows the mind to imagine, the scene in your head perfect in every way. This is one of my favorites.

It's a great stroke story, lots and lots of sex. The chapters are well paced and a nice length. The story overall is long, but addicting and enjoyable. The descriptions are hot and most of all believable (even if the situations themselves are not very realistic and pure fantasy)... i guess i mean... that the author seems to really know what it's like... to be fucked in the ass, what sissy orgasms feel like, what the rush from feeling like a girl, the mental turn on it is to love cocks and cum. i read others who dont seem to have an understanding of these feelings, and it shows in the writing, point is... this is one i can identify with.

Found it a few years ago, and every six months or so i re-read it. It normally takes at least one cummie from me, and today i'm gonna read it while riding Princess. i hope She reads this and finds it as hot as i do. Reading the first few chapters this morning, i relize that this would be my dream for Her to do to me.

i wish Princess would take me. Feminize me. Use me for Her pleasure and eventually turn me out. i want Her to pimp my services to others as a way of paying for my own feminization. She would use my 'earnings' to purchase my lingerie, my dildos, my makeup. If i needed spending cash, i had to 'earn' it. She would make me Her woman. i would keep Her house while She was away, i would gladly service Her upon Her return. i would use all my feminine wiles to make Her happy. i would submit to Her every whim with eagerness. i would be Her wife, Her girl, Her pet, Her slut.

Whew.... sorry, got off on a tangent there.... anyway, check out this story, it's great sexy reading!

Suggested attire for optimal reading enjoyment

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  1. I love reading erotica like that too. I enjoyed the story. I should post a link to my favorites on Literotica.