Thursday, March 22, 2012

i did it again..... hehehe

Before i do anything else today... i need to tell you all what happened last night.....
i was a baaaaddd girl..... or maybe a very good one, giggles ;)

Not my place.. but you get the idea

ive been having the cravings again.. i need cock sooo BAD! Up my pussy, in my mouth, slapping my face, creaming my hands.. omg.... its been such a freenzy......

i HAD to do something about it......

i was dreesed as a boi... except for my pink lacies.

i stopped at the Adult Book Store again on the way home... (as detailed in this post).... i had to try and get some dick... i HAD TO!

Strolling inside, a brief scan around the dildoes and butt plugs... hopefully anyone watching would see the signs of a desperate cocksucker... then up the steps to where the booths are. The upper floor employee started to give me the strange eye when i walked up, but i quickly eased her concerns with some eye contact a smile, and a quick "Hello" :) She was nice.

She had a radio on behind the counter and what i heard sounded unusual.. spoken word... as i approched the booth room i had to pass the counter, so i asked... "What are you listening too?"

Turns out she had a GOR book on tape. For those not familiar, GOR is a fanstsy world (universe?) based around sever BDSM... wiki it if you want more info... i dont know so much about it... but it was a convo opener... turns out... she's involved in the GOR communities on Second Life! Small Real Life, huh?

We chatted for a few, then she had to see a visitor for her... so i took my opportunity and entered the booths....


A few roamers... a couple of black guys making eyes to me.. my pussy started to wink in my panties.

i found the booth that was so useful last time i was there... seems to be the code i think.. thats the sex booth. As i entered, i made sure to look at a few guys, walk slowly inside, sucking my fingers, and i left the door slightly open.

Inside... i stripped off my shirts, dropped my pants to the floor, wearing ONLYmy pink panties, i knelt with my back to the corner, facing the door. Peeking through the door crack i saw a couple of interrested parties circling, trying to decide if i was real or not.

A sexy young black guy entered to window booth next door and looked at me for a few mins.... i sucked and poked my own throat as i took my meat out and began to stretch and pull on it. i soooo needed what he was packin.. but alas... he ducked back outside.. i was hoping that he would come in.. but no :(

Another Black Daddies though made his way back and forth in front of the door three times... always peeking through the tiny opening. Eventually i stopped trying to lure him in with sexyness, and just waved him inside like a cock hungry slut... which i am.

As soon as her entered, he closed and locked the door (they had locks?). He quickly opened his slacks and pulled out a respectable, if thin, flaccid dick... i couldnt wait to get my lips around him and see how fucking big his black cock would get.

The soft head in my mouth, sucking the entire fleshy tube down to the balls instantly, tonguing his sack and his soft head tickled the back of my tongue. i went to town right away. He had to yank me off him just to drop his pants and undies... i was HUNGRY! Maybe i was even a bit too desperate, because he started to tell me "Easy baby, take it easy baby, soft, slower, be nice, that's right baby, suck it nice, suck my dick nice now baby". OMG - he was a talker! YES! He would bend over and caress my back, pulled on my tities a bit -- i moaned with strong approval -- he even pulled on my stiff prick... i was rock hard.. but he was stiff mostly soft... and still small....

i was happy for the cock.. but this is not what i envisioned

i changed my suck style to try and make him feel good, i stopped distracting myself with my own clitty, i even stopped slipping my fingertip into my cunt. Only focused on his cock.. making him feel good, taking his cum away. i was softer, and used more saliva.. letting it dripp onto my exposed (and hairy) chest. i let him fuck my mouth with his noodle. He seemed to be getting worked up, sliding his cock as deep as it would go (just to the end of my tongue... i kept his balls moist as i held him deep). He kept up the chatter the whole time, "Im fucking your mouth now baby. Daddy is face fucking you now. Daddy is going to feed you, dont worry, Daddy will cum in your mouth". OMG.. did this guy crawl inside my head?!

He let me lick his tits.. and i noticed, that while he was not fat... he definitely had some nice bitch tits... AND he was shaven clean. Maybe he knew exactly what i was needing.. and he decided to help me... either way.. i thank you stranger. i spoke directly to him a few times.. but not much.... "Please fuck my pussy Daddy?" (No.) "i love Your cock Daddy" "You taste so good Daddy" and of course... "PLEASE feed me Daddy, feed me your jizz Daddy, fill me up Daddy, PLEASE!" (hehehe, he did).

At some point... blk guy number 1, entered the adjoining (windowed) booth again. My current Daddy turned us to be against the window, "That's right baby, take my dick, fuck your face, let's give him a show..." as his dick pushed into my suck hole over and over... he started to get a tiny bit forceful... i liked this guy... but when was his prick going to get firm?

He started to gather my long hair in his fist. Face fucking me now over and over. His cock got chubby, and it would fall out every now and again... but it wasnt out of my face for more that a second as i quickly gobbled him up every time. i got pushed back into the corner as he started to fuck with abandon. His dick never got more than four inches maybe, and most of the time was soft, and oh yeah.. it stayed pretty thin even when he was at his hardest. So much for stereotypes huh?

Getting facefucked, his prick sliding over my tongue, i kept pushing up so his head would run along the ridged roof of my mouth.. the last couple of guys i swallowed seemed to like that. i kept focusing and sucking the head whenever he pulled back. Over and over... shove, suck, slight gag noise, pull back suck, shove....... The sucking slurping noises were loud.. and im sure others could hear... i didnt give a FUCK!

Eventually he told me, and then he fed me... but it, much like his dick, was a bit disappointing. He shoved in as deep as he could go.. just enough to give me a very slight gag... and then... my mouth was a bit slimy, bu not much. There was hardly, if any, taste at all, and then he (tried to) pull out. Fortunately... he was not like the others, he didnt run away instantly.. he let me nurse his head for a bit. i made an effort to clean his whole cock by way of tongue bath, and then before he tucked it away... i got a couple of very nice piss slit licks in to get any last drops.

Already i was ready for Blk Guy #1 to come back.. maybe he now wants some of what im offering... from what i could see.. he was watching us pretty intently, but now he was gone, i didnt see him leave. For about 30 secs as Daddy was buckling up i wanted to ask him to please send in any other daddies... but i chickened out, preferring to just maintain my kneeling position on the floor of a jack off booth in a porn store, with the door open, mostly nakkie.

Daddy left.. i waited.. no other noise, no other roamers... damn.. must have been my only customer.

Getting dressed, walking out, very embarrassed when the cashier gave me that look 'i know what you did' it seemed to say. With her permission i used to restroom to straighten up.. but there were no mirrors.. so i had no idea if my face was glistening or not (did i mention that daddy managed to cock slap my face a few times as i tried to (find and) lick his baby balls?

When i came out i remarked to her that no mirror in there, i had no idea what i looked like. She laughed (at me?). We started to chat again.. mainly about SL.. but it really was a way for me to further expose and humiliate myself.. telling her about being owned.. what i want and need from an owner, being a submissive and my desires... being honest... it made my heart race to stand there, dressed as a boi, cum on my breath and tell this stranger that i was a submissive girl online. We dicussed the differences of what i like vs the GOR sims around... in general.. a very nice convo. In the end, i gave her my SL name.. and invited her to IM me sometime.

While we were chatting, another guy came in.. made a beeline for the booths, and then quickly came back out and left. Only later did i realize that he was prolly looking for a slut like me to take care of him.. but as i left there was no one back there any more.... i prolly shouldve stayed kneeling... waiting....

like a good sissy should.. wish my titties looked like that...

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