Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Straight Vid?!? (Sissy Progress Update)

Ok... so maybe im making another step. It seems... idk... ive been identifying more and more with the girl in the videos. Not like before where i wanted to just worship the cock like her... thats more of a jealousy thing i think. Naw, now... i want to be her... im admiring her clothes, her actions, her makup, and when she fucks... i feel it.

Ive gone from wanting to be like her... to wanting to be her. For the first time.. i kinda want a vagina. i know i already have a pussy... but i mean... i want a vag.... i want to be seduced and sexed and have him spurt in my womb. Giggles... im all sexed up nows... but you might want to know that i also spent significant time staring and desiring her very, very cute bra and panties... i hope i can find them online.

Ummm... hehe... okay.. back to the vid. Meet Robin. She is answering an add for a Calendar photoshoot. She has previously spoken to the 'drector' by phone, as is meeting him at his 'studio'.

Check out her sexy undies... and such perfect boobies...
My favorite moments:
1:14, She is starting to get weird vibes, suddenly looking around and seeing the 'studio' is not what she expected.
2:02, She's so nervous she rips her page and then shyly tries to hide it. Quickly changing the subject, accusingly... "I don't understand why you have... the camera."
7:52, Just after he says "Why do you think the camera's here?" The look on her face at the realization.
9:35, "I can see where this is going." Followed by such a complete change in attitude.... omg.... either she knows what she  wasnts and how to get it, and isnt afraid to trade a few moments of fun for the promise of employment.... or damn... shes a great actress.

You can see the heat in her eyes, feel the need in her voice. At 17:39 she tries desperately to mount him.... i KNOW what she feels. The whole time i am her.... i walk the adventure with her. i submit to him and my desires along her side. i crave him, i need him, he fucks me as no one has before.

my sissy clitty weeped the whole time, craving his fat prick in my hole. Wanting to be her in the worst way.

Try it with me. Watch her... be her.

netvideogirls - Robin Calendar Audition powered by YouPorn.
Blatenly stolen from here. (See apologies below)

A few notes of importance. (in no particular order)
1. So... this is NOT safe... and i am suddenly filled with the urge to caution you from ever letting a stranger fuck you, much less trying to mount it uncovered. (The moment rang true the minute HE stopped to get a condom... at least someone was thinkin!)
2. Read my recent post on safe play... should be just below.
3. The video was discovered on Miss MT's blog, Adventures of Promiscuous T-Girl! i try not to just reblog other peoples posting, but sometimes... i just need to share those things that strike me. i certainly dont make a habit of it. Besides, maybe someone else might discover Her this way as well. I encourage you to check Her blog... it's really sexy and encouraging! Hehe


  1. I've never had a problem identifying with women in porn and I really wanted his cock in me and his hands on me.

    And, yes, that is a cute bra and panties. Doubly envious of Robyn.

  2. Holy fuck, I want to be Robyn, too <3 I wish I was girly, I wish I looked feminine... I wish I wish I wish... and I'm so fucking envious of her... Oh, the need to be like that <3 <3 <3