Wednesday, September 12, 2012

True Sissy Confessions... Or... Overdue Training Update

Don't mind me... i'm just stoned and horny out of my mind. I'll spare all the delicious details of my current dress and status.... and get right to the 'meat'. Suddenly, i feel the need to share this memory from a few months ago...

There i was on my knees in the dark booth. The lights from the hallway just peeking over the top of the walls and throwing dark shadows over my bared chest, and my pantied bottom. Daddy number one was standing behind me, leaning on my shoulders. His little floppy cock, long since drained and cleaned, still hanging out of his open jeans, brushing against my right ear and cheek. i would occasionally lean my face back and slurp him a bit.

Daddy number two in was standing in front of me. His jeans open and pushed a bit down. His  dirty cotton drawers still covering his wide hairy bum. My sissy left hand was caressing and pushing on his right ass cheek. His large belly kept pressing my forehead back, into Daddy 1 hips. Daddy 2 had a pretty nice pole. Mainly straight, with a very slight up curve. Entirely the same thickness throughout, from the root to the crown ridge, no swell, no bump, no taper. i guess it was about 1 inch wide, although i didnt exactly measure it. i remember it wasn't a real cunt stretcher, maybe about two fingers wide. He wasn't very long, but not incredibly short either, 4.5, perhaps 5 inches? Oh yeah... hehe... he was uncut too. *grins
Kinda like this.. but cut two inches out of the middle, hehe

my first uncut prick! And it was clean shaven, smooth, foreskin encircling the tip, just showing his slit. i wanted to play with it. Have fun with it. i wanted to use my mouth to get very familiar with his pretty dick. However.... THIS was neither the time or the place. i had a job to do, and he was making me do it.

Daddy 1 was leaning forward, it sounded like heavy kissing, slurping, and mutual groping. This didn't surprise me as he was also very oral and forceful with me earlier. Daddy 2 seemed to be into it, returning the tongue action, slurping loudly. Not that i could see anything of course. my sissy vision was filled with open pants, hairy belly, the flash of wet cock swinging around and slapping my face when i would accidentally release it. i tried to clean and suck his small eggs, lick his taint... but Daddy 2 was having none of it, preferring to rape my face hole, continually telling Daddy 1 what a good girl i was, what a good cock sucker. This of course... encouraged me to open my throat as best i could and try not to vomit.
Kinda like this... but imagine me on my knees in the middle

A bit closer to reality.. hehe

Did i mention how nasty his cock tasted? my first bad one. very very sour. i've had pissy cocks, sweaty ones, and of course cummy cocks. This one was different. Just..... bad. But i had a job to do. and i was making Daddy 1 proud. As evidenced by his hands holding my head for Daddy 2 facefucking.

Finally... Daddy 2  came. Thrusting deep, but then pulling almost fully out of my lips... full  strokes back and forth... he spurted, once, mabe twice before the dribbles came. Was strange to me... he didnt force feed me... straight down my gullet... which i like, but then miss the taste. He also did not cum on my tongue as i sucked the head, which many guys like, especially because i make eye contact then. No Daddy 2 preferred to cum all over the inside of my mouth... fucking and cumming at the same time..... was a unique experience to be sure for this sissy.

Oh... but kinda downer... but not too.... His CUM was THE WORST! NASTY! OMG... was like his dirty dick x 10! i wanted to pull off in the worst way  at first! But Daddy 2 held my head.. and i stayed... and then... i kinda went REAL subby... i.. wanted to take his dirty nasty cum.... i was making myself a true cum dump for any nasty load. i was not a person at that moment. i was just a true recepticle.

Prolly why i came down so hard....

Daddy 2 quickly zipped and left after the deed. i stayed on my kknees by Daddy 1 feet. i was hugging his leg, my face on his thigh, his cock still out, and hanging in my face like lewd mistletoe.

and i wept.

He was sweet, caressing my head, telling me i was a good girl.

Shortly, i regained my composure, totally spent and humiliated. i stood and got my things back together, redressing. Daddy 1 watched me the whole time, eyes buning to my shamed back. Never looking up, i thanked him, and left.

i havent been back since.

Have you ever heard anything so gay?

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  1. This is a perfect scene! Good job cum dump slut whore!