Nicolette's (Interactive) Sissy Dictionary

I want to make a dictionary. i am facinated by language and how we use it.. Over the past year i've had my own personal definitions of comman words morph and change, and in the intrest in sharing my sissy thoughts with E/everyone, i thought i should write some things down.

Please, feel free to leave you thoughts, comments, suggestions, any feedback really, both good and bad, below. i hope to receive some interesting additions to the list from all of YOU!

WARNING: Pontentially racist, homophobic, strong, interesting, captivationg, arousing language to follow. Please do not read if easily offended (but then... why are you here?)

Words awaiting definition:

Cock, Prick, Dick, Clitty, Cunt, Pussy, Back Pussy, Asshole, Vajayjay, Boi Cunt, Femboi, She-male, Trannie, Transexual, Tits, Bobbies, Sissy, Slave, Pet, Owner, Ni**er, Ni**a, Fa**ot, Hole, Toy, Cumrag, Pig, Daddy, Mommy, Anon, Cummie, Boicum, Gurlcum, Sissygasm, Creampie, Cocksucker, Cumlover, Cumeater, Cockluv, Worship (Foot/Cock/Pussy/Tit), Cuckold, BBC, Maid, CrossDresser, Giggles, Wank, Jill, Slapper, Bish, Hypno, ForcedFem, Bi, Dildo, Vibe, Plug, Sissy Snack Bag, SL, RL, Closeted, Pump-n-Dump, Top, Bottom, Switch, Twink, Face Cunt, Missus, Boi Spurts / Squirts ((Please add suggestions))


Anon - N, Adj - Short for "anonymous"; (1) Used to refer mainly to strangers met for sexual encounters. (2) May also be used to describe such encounters. (ex) The anon cam a thin watery load in my mouth. This sissy had an another anon night of 'booth service'.

Asshole - N - (1) The sweet puckered entry between the human buttocks. (2) A person of mean and irritating demeanor. (ex) Sissies should always love their Daddy's asshole. He was a real asshole when he came in my throat - i wanted to taste it!


Back Pussy - N - (1) A polite way of referring to a feminized male's rear sexual entryway. (ex) Hehe, i like it when You tickle my back pussy Mommy, it makes my clittie chubby. *may be hyphenated* (see also: Asshole)

Boi Cunt - N - (1) A less polite way of referring to a femboi/ Twink's rear sexual entryway. (ex)  my slutty boi cunt needs a strong prick inside it Daddy! *may be hyphenated* (see also: Asshole, Back Pussy)

Boi Cum (Spurts / Squirts) - (N) - (1) The act of having ejaculate spray from the penis, in the usual way, as a direct result of penile stimulation, stroking, fucking, sucking, or any direct penis contact. (ex) Wank that little tiny prick and give yourself a boi cum, slave! *may be hyphenated*


Cock - N - (1) The Dominant male's primary sexual organ. Normally reserved for average to above average sizes. (ex) OMG, what a beautiful cock! i can't wait to feel it stretch me out!


Dildo - N - (1) Sexual substitute for the male primary sexual organ. Solid, normally somewhat flexible, unpowered. (2) A person who is habitually acts without common sense. (ex) Wish i could find a real life play partner, my dildo just doesn't fuck back like i need. Don't get your head stuck in the banisters AGAIN, you dildo!


Missus - N - (1) Name used for 'wife-like' partner. Used to distinguish between a more than a girlfriend, just less that a wife.  Exclusively for long-term, live-in relationships when the couple is not married officially. (ex) If the missus knew about my exploits on-line, my RL as i know it would be over.


Sissygasm - N - (1) The feeling of having an anal stimulated orgasm by the male. Usually accompanied by intense feelings of submissiveness and girly emotions. Characterized by clenching and spasming of the rectum, moaning, and tingles and heat spreading throughout the body. (ex) Fuck my tight boi cunt Daddy and please use Your giant fuck stick to give me a sissygasm! (see also: Gurlcum, Anal Orgasm)

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