Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wonderings and Updates...

Wow. Been a long time.

Okay, STATUS CHANGE! *HONK *HONK! This sissy clownie slut girl is now a Live-In Subbie! Thats right! i have the absolute JOY of serving my Mistress DAILY! **YAAAAAAY**

That's right! Officially owned and in full service. Today i live as i desire. I've been full CD now for a month, gone totally hairless and applying my own makeup. Oh, did i mention the PINK HAIR?!?!! OMG! It Is SOOOOO AWESOME! hehehehe, i can't express how great i feel inside every time i look in the mirror!

Okay, so its not the best piccy i ever took... but you get the idea :P

And this is not just in-the-house type stuff... noooo... this is go-out-to-the-mall-holiday-shopping!

So no more closets. No more lies and denials. No more imagining. No more wishing. It's about doing. Being. Loving.

i have The. Best. Family! my sisters are amazing. i would have just died, if not for their care and support and patience. my Owner, well, how could there really be any words to describe. She leaves me breathless. i am the most loved girl in the world. ^^

So if anyone still visits and reads this stuff, drop a comment and maybe i'll tell some stories about my new life.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Sexy Story

A beautiful tale of a young man's journey from school yard bully to feminized sissy slut..... presented in a slow, sensual pace that is captivating and familiar....

"That's right, Stephanie, get his cock nice and wet. Your pussy is going to be really tight if this is your first time" She was speaking loudly, obviously loud enough for the customer to clearly hear. His hips thrust forward more, eager at the idea of fucking a virgin. 

Sugar's hand had slipped down towards my butt. Hovering just long enough to scoop more cum into her hand she expertly pulled my g-string to one side and started to caress my arse. 

 "This is your pussy". She whispered in my ear, "Just like a girl you have a pussy solely so men can fuck you. Always remember that". Sugar rubbed a finger across my arse slowly. "As you suck him, remember that his wonderful cock will soon be inside you. He is going to use your pussy to make his cock cum. He likes being in your mouth but I am sure he would like to cum inside you with his lovely cock. Would you like that Stephanie? Would you like him to fuck you tight virgin pussy?

I moaned, a sign that that is what I wanted. And I wanted it so badly. Somewhere deep down I felt that I would become a complete girl if I was fucked. It didn't matter that I could not see the guy. I did not even know what the guy looked like even as I slurped over the end of his magnificent cock. I wanted him inside me. And Sugar was helping me prepare lubricating my arse with warm cum. 

"It's time" Sugar whispered "Turn around darling".

The full sexy reading material found here.

Friday, June 14, 2013

I couldn't have said it better myself

This spoke to me deeply, had to share:

"Roberta lay there with a slowly shrinking cock in her arse feeling used and degraded but at the same time euphoric from the experience."


Read for yourself here.