Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wonderings and Updates...

Wow. Been a long time.

Okay, STATUS CHANGE! *HONK *HONK! This sissy clownie slut girl is now a Live-In Subbie! Thats right! i have the absolute JOY of serving my Mistress DAILY! **YAAAAAAY**

That's right! Officially owned and in full service. Today i live as i desire. I've been full CD now for a month, gone totally hairless and applying my own makeup. Oh, did i mention the PINK HAIR?!?!! OMG! It Is SOOOOO AWESOME! hehehehe, i can't express how great i feel inside every time i look in the mirror!

Okay, so its not the best piccy i ever took... but you get the idea :P

And this is not just in-the-house type stuff... noooo... this is go-out-to-the-mall-holiday-shopping!

So no more closets. No more lies and denials. No more imagining. No more wishing. It's about doing. Being. Loving.

i have The. Best. Family! my sisters are amazing. i would have just died, if not for their care and support and patience. my Owner, well, how could there really be any words to describe. She leaves me breathless. i am the most loved girl in the world. ^^

So if anyone still visits and reads this stuff, drop a comment and maybe i'll tell some stories about my new life.


  1. Nicolette - that is brilliant news and love the hair!


  2. I'm so very happy to hear that things are going well for you :) So very, very happy <3<3<3