Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ok... a real posting

So.. this will be my vent... my diary (like all girls should have).

To start... just a few thoughts on starting this blog:

Don't expect perfect spelling or grammar.. while i know the rules, i feel most comfortable 'speaking' in a casual manner, much like Mark Twain... writing in a colloquial manner is a legitimate style. Oh... and im a bad speller anyway.... giggles

This whole exercise turns me on.....

i am a member of Second Life. If you are not there and you dream of being something you are not - that is a wonderful place to live as you desire. Beware the path is rife with haters... but with perseverance you will certainly find the community that accepts you.

If you haven't found Annamalice's sissy blog.. i highly recommend it.... (check my blog links) - but please, we sissy's need attention! and acceptance. Like many others, she seems to crave feedback, but none of us want hate... constructive criticism is always welcome, but save the mean behavior for the mirror, please. Even if you don't like the content, feedback is addicting and you can at least appreciate the effort, but nobody appreciates pure discouragement.

i am wearing my missus' panties. hehehe

Anyone else like hypno movies? i prefer to get a little buzzed, use my headphones, darken the room, go full-screen, and trace while dreaming of being the pantied slut i need to be.

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