Thursday, December 1, 2011

Self Training pt1

So... here's a good intro story i think.... enjoy!

First Story
Once on xhamster (dot) com i found a posting for hypno trancing a sissy to luv
BBC. i found it very HOT. (Funny - i was never into black men, or cock (that
much), and never the man in the vids. i never wanted to wear panties or gurl
clothes, but occasionally goof around with my girlfriends and slip their panties
on as a joke (right!). i did luv sluts who give their bodies over to cocks and
cum and turn themselves into living sex toys. Creampie gangbang and shemale vids
were my fav.) i started searching for more.

i found some more from the original poster, then found her blog, then more and
better blogs. i knew that sissy hypno vids were my new favorite perversity.

i have been regularly (everyday) viewing hypno vids for about a month or two now
(or three?). i visit xhamster for new shemale and cumeating vids every morning.
i visit annamalice's blogspot multiple times a day waiting for some new hypno
trip to throw me over the edge (because i edge for days silly!). i have saved
numerous presets and vid clips on my system for when the new vids posted don't
do it for me.

i eat my own pre ALL THE TIME. (In fact, during a recent sex fest with my lover,
i inadvertently scoped a nice drop of pre off my slit right onto my tongue
without realizing i was doing it! Thank GOD She was facing away right then!)
Many times i eat my load. i am disappointed when i can't / don't eat it.
(Sometimes i lose my mind when cumming and i luv the feeling of my jizz on my
hand, chest - then, sometimes, i lose my desire and i am no better than all the
stuck up bitches who don't appreciate a nice load :( i have managed to get a few
ruined loads on my tongue and THEN eat a massive load twice! Once a started
scooping the mess into my slut mouth i couldn't get enough and i kept cumming
and cumming and cumming (and eating ;)

i sit on a beautiful glass cock i bought for my pussy. my glass Daddy take me
sooo HARD! i steal my gf glass dildo (more of a staged, plug than a cock really)
and wear it while she's not home. i stole two pairs of panties of hers (she
never wears them) and slip them on while wanking. (a pretty pink fully lace "V"
shape, and a satin blue g-string - i luv the pink ones - but they don't 'hold'
me in!). Recently i started to try on her pantyhose. That's scary because i
didn't want to ruin them (she only has one pair).

Late at night i love to smoke weed and cigarettes, turn out the lights, wear my
headphones and take my mind away.

In the morning i like to smoke weed, wear my panties, watch vids, listen to
hypno vids with headphones, play with my glass Daddy.

During the afternoon / evening.... i TRY to act normal. Sometimes i will still
be wearing the pink lacy "V" under my undies. i touch myself all day. i read
porn on asstr - preferring sissy / culckold / humiliation / TG fiction to the
rest (but i'm open!).

i work out of the house, on the road a few times a week, for a few hours a day -
nothing to strenuous, so my schedule is my own to make. i am disabled, a three
legged sissy, so nobody gives me too hard a time. i live with the gf, my boy and
her boy, her girl around the corner, so privacy is difficult, but not

i met HER. SHE found me online and started to chat. my heart was RACING! This
was the first interaction with someone who knew my faggot sissy self. i told her
i had been 'window shopping' online for some new panties, my own stockings. i
expected praise. SHE told me that a good girl wears heels. A good girl buys
heels in the store. A good girl wears at least a four inch heel.
i was very scared.
i couldn't wear a four inch heel - i won't be able to stand.
i couldn't go to a store and buy heels - i'm not feminine!
i don't xdress in public!
SHE didn't care.
i realized that being able to walk means nothing when my heels are in the air
like a good slut!
i realized that i needed to please HER.
i HAD to be a public humiliated sissy slut to please HER.

i was on the road for the first time in a week. my recently sprained ankle was
feeling ok, and the swelling has gone down. Did this mean my excuses were gone?
i told myself i could do it. i had a plan.

First - WalMart. The store is big enough, with enough customers that maybe i
could find my shoes, try them on, and get out of there without getting any
ladies upset. (i did NOT want to be thrown out for being a perv!) Besides, there
are enough locations that i could hit one away from home, and people who would
recognize me.

On my way to the shoe dept, i walked through the intimates section ;) ! I saw
some nice boy short panties that might hold my prick in - gotta check back to
those. i found the hose isle - hehe! i examined the available selection, and
picked out a couple. i found a pair of sheer toe black lace-top thigh-highs -
BEAUTIFUL! i also found a pair of sheer, nude control-top slimming pantyhose - i
could barely contain myself! i wanted to rip open the packages and feel the
nylon on my skin! i couldn't carry them around, so i stashed them for the trip
back through to the registers.

Unfortunately, WalMart is the WORST place to look for sexy shoes, not to mention
the totally lack of any heels whatsoever! My plan was shot.

Dejected, i picked-up my stash of hose, and went to browse the panties. (Having
purchased lingerie before this was easier than the heels shopping!) Maybe it was
my mood - but nothing was appealing. Off to the register with my two pair of

As the lady was ringing up the sale, i got brave. i was an obvious man buying
two pair of totally different hose (obviously not an 'emergency pickup for a
special occasion'). i asked the lady "Excuse me. Do you know when i can buy a
pair of heels around here?" **blush!**
She looked at me strange, "What?" i repeated my request, then added that the
store's shoe selection was pretty bad - "nothing pretty at all". **smile!** :)
She thought about it, then was not helpful at all. i guess she never wore heels,
or wanted to be sexy, it didn't look that way anyway.

i got to the car, already nervous and trembling with the bag of contraband in my
hand. i coolly pulled into the back of the huge parking lot. i slipped my shoes,
socks, and jeans. i slid those beautiful thigh-highs up my legs and re-dressed.
OH GOD - it was SOOOO HOT!!

FUCK! i HAD TO BUY HEELS! i NEEDED IT! Two miles from home - the mall!

Into Sears i went. The ladies shoe dept was small - but sufficient. The gods
smiled on me, and the only salesMAN was very involved with a 'special needs'
family and their grown daughter. i was able to browse in peace. One lady
shopping gave me a look as i wandered up and down the isle pickup one heel after
another. She left.

i found two potential pairs (in my size! more difficult than it sounds), a
slutty black number, and a strappy slivery pair with rhinestones imbedded in the
straps across the toes. Both were very tall. i gathered both together and found
a semi-secluded bench to try them on. my original plan was to carry them over to
mens, and hide the boxes in between mens shoes as i tried them. But - the dept
store is not WalMart, and both sections were separated by the entire store. In
ladies shoes i was stuck. i quickly slid off my shoe from my good foot, off came
the sock. Having the stockings on was proving to be the best choice all day!

i slipped the black heel on - looked very hot on my stockinged toes. Just then -
an ugly witch walked buy, looked at me with disgust, and moved on. i panicked. i
was ready to bolt - but i hadn't tried on the other heel yet. i HAD to see my
stocking feet in that shoe! i watched the witch - she left right away, with a
purpose which made me think she was going to complain. i had to move fast.

i slipped the sliver heels on. Oh. My. God.
The rhinestones seemed to just catch the light. my black thigh-highs making my
foot look soo sexy against the silver satin. FUCK - i had to take it off. Time
to make my decision. I can't afford both - and TWO pairs of heels in a huge size
would be too difficult to hide. i would have to settle on one pair now.

As i was putting my sock back on over my stockings - the salesman walked by. Did
he smirk? "Finding everything okay?" i lowered my eyes - i couldn't see his
laughter. "Yes. I'm okay. Thanks."

i looked again in both boxes - both sets of heels were hot. The silver ones
seemed to have a slightly higher heel though - and i knew that would make HER
happy. i put the black slut heels back in their proper place for another huge
footed sissy cum lover to find.\

(FYI - once i got home i measured the heel - standing from floor to top of heel
(in back) is exactly four inches! The site above lists the heel at 3 7/8 (i
guess they measure the euro way - to the middle of the heel)

i picked up my new heels and made my way to intimates. (Hey what could i do? -
there was a sale!) i found three hot pair of panties. Two hot Joe Boxer
hot-pants boy briefs (one HOT pink with black trim - more of a hot shorts, the
other much closer to a mans tighty-whitey brief style with very high cut hips -
black with pink trim) i felt these would be good to wear under my pants as they
were stretchy cotton, yet still very girly. i also picked them with a cut i
think can hold me in place (we'll see). Right before i left, i saw another full
lace HOT PINK panty. High waist, high hips / leg, and most of all a full front
to hold me in. Entirely HOT PINK LACE. These will be my new favorites!

To the register... a young sweetheart behind the machine. She smiled, and so did
i as i placed my man-sized heels and three slutty large(er) sized panties on the
counter. She opened the heels box to check them. She said "I love those heels -
Very pretty!"
Did she know? idk - but - she kept smiling.
"i know, i thought they were the prettiest pair you have in heels. Hard to get a
real nice pair you like, you know?" (like i had EVER bought heels before!) This
was my way of letting her know her suspicion were correct. **blush!**

i paid my bill and left elated.

However, i wasn't done.

The food court is right there... with public restrooms... i DO have to pee... i
wonder if these panties fit?.... what do both heels look like on? FUCK i'm

Into the handicapped stall. Shoes off, pants off, socks off, shirt off. HOT PINK
lace panties ON! Feel my smooth legs! SHIT. into the heels - very difficult, but
with the help of the handicapped rails i managed to stand there - in my fuckme
heels, in thigh-high black lace top stockings, and pink lacy panties. i was
dripping without being hard.

What have these vids done to me? Sure i was curious, and even experimental when
younger - but i was never a xdresser, never a sissy. Heels? Stockings?

i fear i am too far gone already.

The End…. For now!

i guess.... that was around 7 or 8 months ago now....

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