Saturday, December 24, 2011

sissy nicolette Plays With her Velvet Mistress

Ok titties.... maybe i'll stop with this one for today.....

i wont get into all the specifics of N.Daddy and my time together... suffice to say, i am His Cocksucking bitch now. i can take Him fully into my throat and hold His entire head and first inch of shaft! i gag and spit comes drooling out my nose, i fully fucked my throat on His cock - it was slimy and HOT!

i thought my spit slime was enough, but i guess my poor pussy was getting swollen.... soon Daddy's skin was dry in my cunt and He was really driving into me, tearing me open.... W/we had to stop... bummer.

But.. Good News! i still had my other new toy.... She is a silky vibrator. Her skin is purple in color and She is waterproof. Her material feels like silk, almost soft and velvety, while still being smooth and hygienic. She is also 7"... but you lose the first inch just by holding her base.. but that's ok.. i have Daddy to plow me deep... my new girl friend was purchased to find my inner pussy pillow and milk my cummies away.

I cleaned Daddy, and put Him away. Got high (again! hehe ;) and watched some more sexy TG porn

i got into the shower with Her and tended to my sore pussy. By this time, it was starting to burn a little, and stung if i continued to touch it. After some warm water, my soapy fingers found a swollen pussy, with bulging and hanging lips, my cunt was loose and gaping... Daddy sure did a number on me...

i soaped up Mistress and turned Her low, slipping into my sore fuckhole slowly, letting the vibrations relax my cunt, open my hole. She worked Herway in and began to search around, pushing and streching my inner walls, looking for the spot. She soon found it.. and worked my pillow back and forth.

My shoulders slumped onto the tub floor, kneeling with my face down low, legs under me, my pussy pushed out and accepting. She worked me slow, building, making me tremble slow. At that moment, i was in a black latex corset... black latex garter... and silky stockings and heels of course.

Her gloved hand was rubbing my back gentle, whispering and soothing me softly in my ear, working Her Velvet rod into my sissy pussy. She was saying.. "Shhhhh, it's ok sissy.... let it go.... let your cummies did your job.. you were a good girl... you fucked your Daddy good.. it's ok.. give Me your sissy load".

my clitty throbbed in my other palm, my pussy clenched and i started my girlcums. They came like a wave, one after another, over and over, my pussy twiching and clenching, my breaths held, face red and moaning, release of breaths as another wave came crashing down. She continued to whisper in my ear, comforting me, but She never let up in my pillow, and just when She would make my loins pulse.. She would find a new spot and bring my girlcums on again.

OMG... that was two multiple orgasms in ONE DAY!... and a total of like .. idk.. 12, or 15 girlcums - maybe more! (giggles... i lose track!)

Anyway,.... it was amazing! She is a totally different luver than Daddy... Velvet Mistress is soft and gentle, loving, yet demanding. My legs were trembling through the rest of my washing... and i was able to clean and relax my pussy enough so the swelling went down... my lips tucked back inside like a pretty girl.

But i know... ive turned my ass into a cunt for sure. i can take a good sized dick fairly easily, with only a bit of lube.. normally my cocksucking lips are good enough for that job. i can't wait for my next opportunity to truly use my cunt on a real cock. While i am not a virgin... i was inexperienced in the past.. now... this bitch knows what she is good for... and she knows how to use what she has... a cock gobbling facefuck hole and a gaping, squeezing cock luving sissy pussy!

i am a girl. i will act as a girl.
i am a girl. i will dress as a girl.
i am a girl. i will makeup myself as a girl.
i am a girl. i will get fucked as a girl.

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