Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Music to Seduce me..

'Get Down, Make Love'

Originally heard as an Queen song, i always thought it was hot. Years later, my fav artist, Trent Reznor / NIN remade it as a hidden track on the EP 'Broken'. OMG... it gets me soo HOT! i think Trent's voice is sooo sexy (always have!), and most of his music gets me HOT! He makes my hips thrust, my clitty tingle, my nips stand on end for him! If you wanna get in my panties, a sure fire way is to put on some NIN, or maybe Manson....

So, i found this video with an awesome soundtrack, beautiful TG love, very romantic and erotic - check it...

FUCK i wanna be his bitch so bad!


  1. i really enjoy this one beautiful images and music thank you nicolette

  2. You are very welcome hun.... i agree, isn't it just wonderful! Thanks for visiting me!