Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coming out

Soooo..... the hardest thing ive had to do in a VERY long time...

look, over there - a wild sissy appears!

i did it, in Real Life, i came out to my best friend.

i was wearing my pink lacies (my favorite panties). i was slated to work all day, however, pleasantly enough, i was done by 2pm. Stopped at one of the Adult joints ive gotten lucky at before... and even managed to get 3 dickies in my mouth. (if you're keeping score, 2 were tiny, one was slightly below 'average' but a nice size. only was fed once though -- another story for another time). Just as i was sitting back in my car.. i got a call. My buddy who lives in that area was looking to do some drinking... a common (weekly / bi-weekly) event for us, some bonding between friends, time away from our wives.

can't believe i don have a good pick of me in my pink! here's my similar purple instead (the pink have more hips)

i had already told my Second Life family that i would be gone all day, so i figured why not... i could have a few and still be home early.

Let me stop here..... If you dont know me.. and lets face it, very few of you do.... you dont know that ive been desiring to come out to him for years now. ive always wished i could be completely honest. He has been my friend, partner, brother for a long time.... we work well as a team, and can finish each others thoughts. In fact, when we meet new people, they tend to quickly comment how we're soo alike. i used to just want to tell him about my love of the transgendered form, maybe wax poetic on the beauty of the penis...  hehe... but most guys when alone and comfortable and joking would make the occasional gay joke or call each other faggots... in a non-hate way... but still, you never really know where a person stands on the topic. (MENTAL NOTE: blog discussion idea) Laters, as i became more sissy, and realized i wanted to act and dress as a girl... i needed to tell him. To let him know this is what i was becoming. i wanted his opinion.

But - it was too scarey... i didnt want to lose his friendship. i didnt want to risk it.

Anyway.. he met me.. and our buddy Jack followed close behind (Jack Daniels, that is) by my third beer we had started to talk about Princess Tara, and then Second Life. i told him about my new love, Twinkles, he was asking questions... as i knew he would - he's quite inquisitive, so ive had to not say anything at all about anything that might eventually lead to my sissy side. its been real hard :(

this sissy's OTHER best friend

i came out with it around beer four.

"D. i'm gay"

"what are you? joking?"

"i'm serious"

"are you being real?"

i knew what i had to do. i stood up and started to unbuckle my pants.

"what are you doing? no - dont show me your junk. sit down..."

i pulled the jeans off my hips to show him my fucking pink panties - humiliated, red with embarrassment - or was is flush from being drunk? idk

his eyes grew wide and i dressed again and looked at him. we talked for a good hour or so.. but then his girl came over. idk everything i said, but i think i told her i came out to him when he left the room, just so she would know what had been going on. but... most of the evening was hazy after that. Pretty sure he eventually fucked her in the kitchen while i waited half passed out on the couch in the living room. he probably woulda done that regardless of the situation, but today i wonder if he was showing his manliness?

i ended the night by falling down, and his girl rubbing my neck, she found my scar... i drove home (yeah, i know, i shouldnt have). Almost stumbled into bed with my panties still on, but fortunately i found them and quickly removed in the bathroom and stashed them till this morning. Passed out as soon as i hit the mattress.

and how did he take it? Awesomely. i cried a few times. He hugged me a few times, and goodbye... he was very accepting, and securing. He made me feel safe and let me know it wasnt a problem. He even has texted me this morning to reassure me that everything is cool,  not to worry. i couldnt have imagined he could be any better.

So, today i still tremble with embaressment, even though he has told me not to be embaressed. im happy and releived. i want you all to know.... coming out to real life is.... such a rush!

i love you all.
/me smiles


  1. Incredible story, Nic!! It must be a big relief and a thrill to have someone in real life know what you really are. I'm sure you will have many more discussions and that he will be really interested in hearing about the depth of your faggotry. I can't wait to hear more, honey!! xoxo

  2. I'm so happy for you :) You've got an awesome friend, don't you let go of him (figuratively speaking, of course) :)