Monday, March 19, 2012

Hypno Forced Femme Story

So,, we all know im a huge fan of hypno... and forced fem is also a pet desire of mine (not that i need to be forced! hehe). Dont forget... the erotic written word is particularly sensual.

Combine these items.. and you get a hard core stroke story such as this one!

Parts are being added sloowwly... but every time a new chapter comes out i re-read from the beginning. The hypnosis is subtle, but even the hinting at it gets me all hot and bothered. The submission of the boy to his neighbor, the turning of his desires... very hot. And the latest chapter only seems to be adding fuel to the fire.

Be warned... the main char is younger... i know some shy away from that... and im no molester.. if anything.. i fantasize that the young man is me... being hypnotize to server, being feminized for a strong mans pleasure, willingly sucking and fucking and loving every moment.... omg how i wish i was the boy in this story...

Please Sir, let me help my sister clean You...

a teaser paragraph and a link to all the current chapters (on Niffty's) after the jump

Subject: Girlie-boy Slut 1

I was on my back in the middle of my neighbors king sized bed getting the
hell fucked out of me by one of his friends.  Not only that, but I was
dressed like a slut.  I used to be a teenage boy, but now, I am a
girlie-boy.  A girlie-boy who's out to swallow as much cum and get as much
cock as she possibly can.  How I got to where I am now is what I am going
to tell you about.  But for right now, I had my knees pinned back and my
(still) tight asshole was getting a brutal pounding.  I had my arms wrapped
around the broad shoulders of a very large man, holding on as best as I
could.  My little clittie was pressed between us getting stimulated by the
constant rubbing.  I was moaning like a whore in heat, and John (my
neighbors friend), was grunting along with me.  I was in an orgastic bliss,
moaning and mumbling encouragement to have him fuck me harder and deeper.
I was loving every second and every inch of it.  I could feel John
approaching his orgasm, and I braced my arms against the headboard and let
him ravage my little hole for his pleasure.  John let out a loud growl and
I could feel his cum shooting up his shaft into my body.  It triggered my
own orgasm, and my asshole spasmed around Johns' cock while my girlie cum
squirted out of me.  After several hard spurts, John collapsed on top of
me, and I wrapped my arms and legs around him to keep him inside of me for
as long as possible.  After he caught his breath, John rolled off of me and
fell to the side leaving me quivering there with my legs spread wide and
his cum leaking out of me.
Read the rest of 'Girly-boy Slut'... you'll be glad you did.

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