Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Futa Anime Anyone?

So... my sexual fantasies right now always have me in the submissive position...... always... it's the ONLY way i can get off anymore, and never without being filled in some way at the same time.

Doesn't matter if im looking at / thinking about... bois being fucked by pegging girls, women, Men, shemales... or girls being fucked and sucking huge cocks of trannies or Men.... or a pretty sissy being used in any way at all... doesnt matter the senario... its all works for me... i ALWAYS identify with the bottom!

And.... idont know what happened... but i never see any white stuff unless my cunt is stretched around some kind of intruder (the only exception? when the missues mounts my face, pulls my hair, and i envision a BBC plowing her pussy and ass, cumming inside / on my face).

hehe.. i dont know why i think this video is in some way related to that, giggles.... but... i thought you might like it... i sure do!


hit the jump to see the vid!

hot, isnt it?

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