Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hmmm... Have lots to say....

UPDATE 09/16: Since none a y'all left me a single comment i'm not really feeling the story time tonight... so maybe in the future... 


So.. Since this sissy is a bit tired, and unmotivated after a night of drinkin and parting... i'll leave the next posting up to you!

Tell me what you want to know about, highest tally by the end of the day wins!

1. My Wedding to my Clowny love! YAY! Bonus content: Post-Ceremony Coitus as well as pictures and circus reception fun!
2. My discussions about the nature vs nurture argument about being gay with my friend... the only RL person who knows about me..
3. Drunken cocksucking on my knees in the ABS late that night. (Bonus: Black Dick galore!)

Ok, those are the choices. I'd like to see some of your picks in the comments... perhaps an argument why you wanna know about that.... Follow-up tomorrow :)


  1. Damn me and my odd times online... My picks would be all three in order 3, 1, 2 :) If it matters anymore, that is :)


  2. Drunken cocksucking on your knees. I like the bonus of Black Dick!