Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Problem With Sissygasms

....is the fact that while they are sooo wonderful and calming... at the moment.. the drive to be fucked never leaves. The desire to be railed until your back pussy gapes and hangs open stays with you.

i Love the clench, the shudders, the sweats, the soft moans, the grind, the heat, the pounding, the racing heart, the waves of pleasure, the girly way it makes me feel. i love everything about sissy (anal) orgasms.

Except the non-relief from my lust.

i continue and continue to fuck myself soo hard, my arm and wrists hurt. i keep chasing the boi spurts that will never come. i shudder over and over, blessed with the ability to gurlcum easily and in multiples. i Love being pounded with a thick unforgiving cock with deep strong pounding strokes as my pussy spasms hard and my cunt clenches down hard and squeezes. When it seems to fade, that's when another ride may take me back to the peak. Up then down, then back up again, over and over, till im left a quivering mess.

The only way i stop is when exhausted, to tired to fuck myself anymore, the threat of being caught, or after all the hot water in the shower is gone. And just when ive relaxed, and lowed my heart rate... what do you think... my greedy hole craves more.

i have literally done myself for multiple hours straight, and then again an hour or two later.. because i am insatiable.


  1. I kind of like not cumming when I'm playing with my pussy as it reminds me I'm not in control of my orgasms (that's my man's (If I had one :-( ) choice as to when I get relief) but I do so desperately want to cum without touching myself and something deep inside of me.


  2. This means: you're addicted. and every addiction 's asking for more.
    The solution:
    stop craving for lust and find peace, love and joy in your life.
    Jesus Christ is the One who can give you pure rest and peace and freedom.