Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Consequences of Anal Training

i lay on my back, legs in the air, the gusset of my lace fringed panties pulled aside. my eggs delightfully trapped in the cute cotton, while my chubby sissy stick poked out the top enough to rub and fondle. Her wet lips caressed my thigh as she licked my clean underside, lubing me for the main event.

A small tickle, a tiny bit of touch, barely perceptible."You're loose."

"MMmmmm...." was all i could reply. my sissy thoughts racing immediately to the constant pounding my rubber Daddy delivers to my needy pussy almost daily.

"Why are you so loose?" Some soft rubbing inside. She is humping my leg slightly, i can feel the warmth radiating from her sex.

"You make me hot *sexy smile*" The safest answer.

i hunch my hips and open my cheeks trying to feel a bit more of that amazing thumping inside my hole. It's not enough. Reaching around, i feel her index finger curled, she's only using her middle finger. A little proding and manipluating, and i get her first two digits inside.

"Mmmmmm" My pre flows over my crown, wetting and allowing my sissy fingers to rub it shamelessly. Opening my eyes, i watch her breasts heave and she humps and rubs her quim harder on me, her arm thrusting as she works my bitch hole.

i hump up and down, showing her my need to fuck. It's not enough. Another reach and i have three fingers opening my cunt nicely. That's it. That's the  magic.

Rubbing, rubbing my clitty. Eyes slitted. She's fucking me. Fucking my hole. i am muttering the most faggiest of utterances. "Fuck me. Fuck my Pussy. Oh, Fuck, Thats Right.. Fuck Me, Oh Fuck, Fuck My Puusssyyy!" i cum hard. Over and over. Six, seven hard loads. Not a spurt - that doesn't seem to happen anymore. It's more like a flow. A flooding overflowing the constraints of my piss hole. Flowing over my swollen head and over my squeezing fingers.

She keeps me penetrated as i come down. my sissy hips hunching up and down slightly, my hole still spasming less and less. With a steady pull, she empties my hole as she climbs over, rubbing her sex into the mess on my belly, quickly shrinking clitty and my poor abused panties.

Staying doggy style over me, her tits in my face, i service her digitally, the way she prefers - wishing the whole time i could lick her clean.

---- A short time later ---

"So..... why were you so fucking open?"

"i don't know.... i guess i needed it."

"Are you gonna wear your girly panties today?" <sneer>

"i dont know." i didn't.


Last time i i removed my hair... well.. last few times.... i've been making the clean area larger and larger. What started as only shaving my clit and eggs, has progressed to the tops of my thighs to just bellow my bellybutton, with a sexy patch above my pricklette. Last time i even shaved a small ring around my nipples. As i am quite hairy, it is noticeable, however its a small ricng of clean area, so not hugely different.

i hope my strategy of slow but consistent limit stretching is working on her. So far... no blow ups. But then again, her history is to take take take then explode. i hope that doesn't happen. How long will this take?

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