Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Current Training Status

OK sweeties.... if you have read my entries... you have seen some of my own attempts to train myself as a good sissy girl. What you might not know is some of my stories are a little old, or, take place in the past (of varying years). I will use the header 'Current Training' for those stories which take place 'now'.

Brief overview.....
My current missus is not aware of my sissy side. Then again.. maybe she is. i know she suspects, but because of her prejudice, i cannot come-out in a safe environment. i will lose my house and support of my family... although, maybe that's not a bad thing. If i no longer had to worry about the missus, i would be free to serve my Princess full time.. but.. that's another entry....

I have recently been trying to ... break her in.... slowly. I have started to wear her panties.. but with her knowledge. i'll wait for a morning... well, lemme just tell you how this morning went....

i woke up and cuddled her, as is typical of couples who are not repulsed from one another. she rolled and some kissing and rubbing later... we were humping each other. i had her tities pulled over her low shirt neck, they were on display and presented for my fun. she started to strip her panties off (to make room for my probing fingers) when i made her 'switch' undies with me.

She didn't want to, but i kinda made her.... i made her pull her own panties up my legs and over my hips. Her pretty paisley purple/pink cotton bikini's, holding my butt, covering my cock. She stopped complain when she was caressing and grabbing me through the panties... pretty sure it turned her on. She asked if i wanted to eat her as i j/o (the typical way i reach my 'O'), or if i wanted to be fingered (as i was already pressing her fingers into my hole). i opted for the face ride as that normally works for me (it is difficult to cum darlings, again... another post, another time).

Straddling my face, she refused to work me from both ends, although i was she would have... poke my pussy while sliming my slut face? - Oh Heaven! She did face fuck me nicely, cutting off my air, rubbing her wet snatch into my face, grinding herself off as i jerked my stiff clitty. Unfortunately... i needed more if i was to spurt this morning.

Pushed her off, and she layed down, pulling her slimy folds away... bummer. But then... she came up with some found lube and quickly was inserting her finger.. i was still wearing her panties. She was smiling as she worked my little hole.. she is quite rough... i think she is punishing me for being gay... idk, the wicked smile on her face seems to confirm it.

On my back with sissy legs spread, she roughly worked my inside pillow as i pulled my gurly pud. Eventually, i spurted and spurted all over myself as she poked and rubbed my pillow non-stop. i had a boicum AND a girlcum at the same time! it was really awesome! 'SPURT' 'SPURT' my whole body shuddered and stiffened, i grunted as i spurted and whimpered as my pussy spasmed! In the end.. like a girl.. i had to grab her hand and make her stop rubbing as i came down from my cum... it occurred, i just had my first girlcum in front of her!

To end our session, she got on all fours in my lap as i used my load to lube her button. i rubbed her off and fingered her asshole and called her names until she shuddered and came herself. This is the typical end to our sexy times.

As she got up to get to the shower, i fixed and continued to wear her sexy panties. In fact, guess what i am wearing right. now. She knows, and thinks im just weird. but this is great for two reasons....
1) i can wear panties without having to cover up with boy undies.
2) she knows i am wearing so there is no hiding and shameful changing in secret.

i have managed to get her panties on (with her approval) for an entire day with her knowledge a few times in the past few weeks. i have also managed to get her to finger fuck me a few times as well. So i guess.. this is also a blog of how i am trying to get her welcome to the idea of me dressing and fucking like a girl. It is the slow route to be sure... but i AM a scared little sissy!

Maybe.. if you ask nicely... i will post a pic of me in her panties today. Currently, i am hairy again, no Nair recently, no razors either... but if you want a sissy faggot to humiliate herself for you.. then i need your comments and post ratings... please? PRETTY PLEASE?!?! Pretty PLEASE with my boi pussy on top?!?!?


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