Thursday, December 29, 2011

Doing my part to help my sister sissies!

Amazing Hypno Sissy Slut Trainer! YOU ARE A SLUT! giggles... it's ok... so am i!

This is not original.. and i am not the first to post it.... mainly it's a collection of older more common hypno vids, cut and mixed with new blended audio... it's really effective.. hitting all my nerves and kinks in one vid! Feminization, cock worship, sucking, fucking, creampies, BBC, anal love.. you name it!

So, here's the homework sissies! First, if you get high, or drink... take a few tokes / shots / lines - get your head good and swimmy. Turn out the lights, wear your headphones and turn up the volume. Go full screen, and relax. Breath deep, and let your eyes go wide. Take in the imagery, but don't try to focus too much. Hear the words, but don't listen too hard.

Watch, and watch again. Then tell me repeated viewings wouldn't help you succumb to your sissy side....

A Hypno Addict!

BTW - if anyone knows any details on how to make the hypno machines work in SecondLife.. i would be grateful!


  1. thank you sissynicolette you are a good inspiration for your sissy's sister
    i'd like your page
    happy new year Nicolette

  2. Thank You Cathya! Truth is... i'm not the inspiration... i save that for Annamalice... but i do try to include you in my training and development.. not only because it's hot to read of other's training.. but also to gain feedback on how i could be better.. like all of us sissies, i've never been a real girl, so i could use all the advice i can get on how to deal with both sides of my life!
    i really appreciate your comments and viewings of my blog.... thank You so much for letting me feel the joy of being exposed to you and anyone else who happens to find me!