Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Nice Day

OMG OMG OMG finally got so much off my chest last night! She Loves me... and is not leaving me! i don't know if it is right thing or not.. it would sure be easier the other way... but i hope to stay with Her in whatever way i can... maybe one day She will take me as Hers. i dream.... Love is an amazing thing... as much as it hurt.. no matter how it made me feel inside.. i knew that i had to make things easy for Her... i tried to ... well... i shouldn't air my dirty panties in public.... it's enough to say She is staying with me, and i will continue to be Hers. YAY!

So anyway... last night... i coaxed my missus into using me... i got to dream of my loving Princess treating me as the cumslut i am. Breeding my missus as i cleaned the fuckslop drippings from their union. She would laugh at me and tell me to clean my wife as She took what was rightfully mine. i swallowed a large dollop of Princess's cum straight off of missus pussy lips, i pulled her down into fucking my face... her clit a substitute dick in my gaping mouth... my eyes closed, Princess was feeding me.. mercilessly, shoving Her She-Prick into my newly opened throat. i spurted all over the sheets and pillows.. and like a true pig, i rolled over and slept in it, dreaming of Princess load on me.

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i was floating this morning. All i could think of was Her. Just a little bit of Her attentions and i am riding high! i was alone when dressing and i though of wearing my girl undies instead of boi clothes again.. but then i remembered missus was home today... i didnt wanna take the chance of getting caught, seems like i always forget to take them off before bed! i dont know how many times i've almost gotten into bed with pink lace panties on! Fortunately, i realize and go to the bathroom to change before she notices... but ive had a few close calls... like the night i was drunk and passed out on the bed fully clothed, only to find my panties still on the next morning!

a dangerous game....

but... i digress... i did NOT have my panties on is the point.

Anyway.. on the way to the job site i passed an ABS ive seen before, but never visited. The lot looked full, and someone was going in already,being only 9:30am, i took note of the stores popularity. On the way back from a job well done (Princess loves me! YAY!) i approached the same dirty hole ABS, and once again seeing a full lot for such a small place, i pulled in to satisfy my curiosity. Dirty, tiny, ancient converted house.. place reeked of sin. i went inside and made myself at home. Just inside the door was a row of booths, all empty. The end unit had a repaired wall where someone must have cut a glory hole... bummer. But, where was the crowd?

The store part was likewise empty. i took my time examining the old dusty never touched merchandise. i might have bought a new dildo if i didn't just do that. Looking at the wares i realized that my N.Daddy is a superior product anyway. my pussy just flexed.

i wandered around until the giant fay disgustedly obese counter woman(?) started to give me the stink eye... 'get on with it or get out'. i wandered further into the rear corner of the store only to find another few(!) rows of booths.. some appeared bigger, others smaller, most were unused as i wandered around the halls looking at the different models. Did i mention all the 'johns'! Guys all around! Some staring at me, some ignoring me.. one even started to follow me! OMG they were all here to hook up! thats why the booths were empty, the lot was full of guys looking for dick! Should i suck a few off? Reality hit me hard.. an associate was waiting for me.. i had wasted the few minutes i had to spare already.. even one dick would take a few more mins.. and then what would i do if he popped on my face.. or worse yet.. my shirt. FUCK! i didn't have my panties... i wanted to suck dick at an ABS with my panties on! What kinda place is this? Is it like this all the time? my mind few in a million different directions at once, and i got a bit nervous.

i didn't chicken out.. so much as post pone my date... i needed to be ready.

So, now i know. im gonna scope it out a bit more, but next time i go,
i'll have no appointments..
my pussy will be freshly shaven and cleaned.
i will be douched and opened by my friends in the shower.
i will stop on the way and buy a hot pink lipstick and mascara, maybe some eye liner.
i will be wearing my stockings and panties, maybe my bra.
i will put the makeup on in the parking lot and head straight for the rear booths.
i will undress to my lace into booth, folding my clothes neatly off to the side.
i will wait patiently for my first 'customer'.
i will try to swallow every cock that finds its way betwixt my lips.
i will swallow every load.

Driving home i made my mental plans. Not feeling like i wasted my opportunity, more like i scouted a hot local.

i will make my Princess proud..
i will hunt for and train myself to accept cock without hesitation.
i will be Her good girl.
i will swallow stranger cock into my gullet and suck down their hot loads.
And i will tell you all about it.

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