Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sissy Ass Training! Breed me!

i so want this!
i so want to be the gurls in this video!
i want to worship cock and please it!
i want to catch the spurts of creamy goodness!
i want to be knocked up by a hard cock!

giggles.. hehe.....

Got the missus to finger me again today... i had her ride my thigh (i felt like such the lesbo!) and finger my pussy as i was jerking. Pulling her free hand to my tit, urging her to pull my nip and stretch my tit... but she is too gentle, i think it weirds her out, but she tries.

Once she started on my tit, grinding away on me, her finger tip poking, teasing my pucker.. i got bold and pushed her hand harder into my pussy. i scrunched down and started to grind her thigh in return... OMG... i was being such the lesbo slut! She got the hint and slipped further into me,

Staring at her i could only picture my Princess, over me, using me... i was dreaming of Her and Her she-cock. i needed to be fucked... and hard. i soooo wanted to have her get fully in between my legs so i could fantasize Princess between my knees giving me Her dick, making me Hers, Taking me as Her girl. But, i knew i was pushing the 'gay' thing with missus, so i didnt try to move.

Still though, i made it work, bouncing my hips into her thigh, her fingers up my pussy, im telling her to 'fuck me' over and over, dreaming of Princess laughing at me, using me as Her toy for amusement... i spurted..... LOTS!

i gave the usual return finger favors.... and she gets off on me using my cummies to rub her off, but this time, my fingers made a pit stop to my tongue first, then to her twat, and eventually her ass. When i started to bring her off, i was able to remove my fingers and suck the mess of us right off them before she recovered enough to notice.

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  1. I love it. I am such a sissy fag, I never say no to a man! I love having a sissygasm from being fucked!