Saturday, December 3, 2011



So… went to the mall today with the missus. Was wearing my favorite pink lacies.. not the sheer VS panties, but the high waisted lace panty.. my prettiest.

Had to visit the daughter-in-law at her new store.. a shoe store. It’s kinda trendy, mostly catering to a young crowd of skaters and sluts and hipsters. i was not looking forward to it. But then, as i approached the store… very glad i kept my sunglasses on in the mall.. there was the hottest display of heels in the windows!

OMG! Platforms and all very high! Black patent leather, bows and red soles… purple glitter stiletoes! FUCK they were fucking sexy! Then inside! AHHH!!! It was AMAZING! i sat myself across from the display, pretending to be looking at the mens shoes beyond the heels, in fact pointing a pair out as ‘cool’.. all the while, watching and examining the sexy slutty strappy platform 4 to 5 inch man killers infront of me. Straps and bows and glitter and colors! Omg omg omg! i got chubby in the pants.

i had to get out of there.. i went for a walk around the mall.. fuck the visiting…. The very next store to hers… dresses in the window… every mannequin… all sexy. They seemed to be having a sale on the sluttiest prettiest dresses, all form fitting AND SHORT! My eggies would hang down below the hem if i went without panties! AND they ALL had matching heels! Stretchy sexy pretty slutty short mini dresses and the fucking hottest platform heels for every display. There had to be like ten sets in the window… i had to keep going.

Walking through the mall i realized that my clit was soo fucking hard.. what am i becoming? Getting hard over dresses and heels? No.. correction… getting HARD over thinking about wearing those dresses and heels. Imagining being a slutty girl, presenting her body for use wearing those sexy dresses and heels. And it’s just then.. i remember that my clit is stiff inside a pair of pretty (really pretty!) hot pink fully lace panties. Swear to god… my pussy puckered at the thought. i had to sit.

Watching the pretty sluts walk in and out of that store, like a perv… thank god for shades, i started to get soooo jealous of them. Bitches, don’t even know how good they have it. They probably don’t even swallow for their man.

Ahhh.. if i had to do it all over again…. i would be the girl I need to be.

Soooo.. know what i just learned? i can sit here and post pictures of Christian Louboutin heels all. night. long. hehe - tell me if you like.. gimme a reason, please!


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