Sunday, December 4, 2011

Self Training pt2

Second story

Years ago, in another life - i was in a number of swinging three / foursomes. I sucked a few cocks. Most close to my size (6.5/7"), but most also thicker (1.75+ approx). I had a couple of short cock repeats - 4", but girthy (2.5")!

I could never go deep, but i'm willing to try, always! i don't mind gagging myself on a beautiful cockhead.

One lucky faggot tried to turn me - and i let him. He pushed his nice cock (5.5", 1.25) up my ass after rimming me for 45mins as i pounded a real pussy. He put me in doggy position, my wife climbed underneath for the best view. And he fucked me. Slow but deep. idk when he went bareback, but my wife was all for it. As he re-entered me (and i was wondering what was happening) she started fingering furiously and creamed my slut face (i was being used for the first time - that was my start)! He announced when he came, she sucked my cock like no tomorrow. i felt his cock jump in me, but that was all. i guess he loved to unload in my ass based on his sounds. Not sure how deep he got, and he didn't hurt me (but the first time feeling of a stretched and open ass was strange) but he DID breed me, so i guess that counts for something.

Fast Forward: Today (My favorite cock!)

My glass Daddy is about 7" long and 1.25" thick. He has a nice slight up curve which pokes me nice. He has a flat base, 1.75", and beautiful curving spirals climbing His shaft. They tickle my pussy lips so nice when He fucks me.

Since he is soo hard for my fuckholes, I cannot yet throat Him, but i do stretch that opening as much as possible - besides what better way to prepare Him for my boipussy?

i luv it when He fucks me deep. Sometimes i sit on Him with all my weight, rock back and forth, milk my pre, on my lips, warp my mind. Many cases He'll then take me again in the shower, up against the wall. i used to try and take the shampoo bottle - 2" thick, but he hurts!

Now i have a new game, i turn Daddy around and slide his wide flat base up in me. HEHE! Daddy hangs out of my pussy like a perverted demon tail! Then, while i bathe - my BLACK mind lover comes up behind me and plunges my cumdumpster with Daddy's base a full, strong 5-6" art a time. Ohhh to feel the wide flat base of Daddy slide up and down my cunt walls - gives me shivers, makes my ass cum, and if i'm lucky, i get a dollop of sissy cream to savor, taste, and EAT! My BLACK mind lover rarely lets me spew though - most times He plunges me until my pussy starts to clench, just before my 'O', then He backs off and waits for me to clean the next part of my faggot skin.

i love my sick games! I have lots of true and perverted stories of lust! Ask nice and i'll give some more! Wanna know about the ABS annon guy who spurted in my mouth?

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