Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stockings, Leggings, & Pantyhose

So... sissy's like us like panties... and bras... that much is obvious. But true gurls move on to more and prettier lingerie, opening up fetishes we didnt even know we had. For me... im not quite soooo turned on by full dressing.. yet. Dont get me wrong, to be in a wig, dress, fully made up... passing for a real girl... oh! to dream..... But... i dont look good in makeup , yet... so it's not quite the turn on it could be. Likewise, my RL is such that i cannot have a full wardrobe, i cannot fully dress, much less makeup myself more than once every few months for a couple of hours. What I CAN do.. is hide with my girly undies on under my boi clothes as i sit in my office. Sometimes, if i know i will not be observed i can also enjoy my heels on my stockinged feet. With that in mind... i present some images that i stumbled upon that turn me the fuck on! i wish i owned these items (most images from '') ... come take a walk with me....
My favorite style.... sexy thigh highs, patterned, tempting... showing some bare flesh above the tops, maybe lace topped, perhaps with garters
Sexy full panty hose... normally not my first choice.. the panty slows down my mind lovers from getting to my pussy fast enough, besides, its hard to show my pretty panty when wearing a full hose... but these... the pattern in the panty section is a nice sexy touch
Its those little touches that turn me on... the girly decoration and elements... such as the bows at the ankle... drawing attention to your delicate feet, your pretty fuck me heels, the tender calf soon to be wrapped around the back of a lover
idk... just... wow... i want to come out of the bathroom ONLY wearing this ensemble for my Princess... i want to knock Her over with my sexiness and watch as Her 8" of She-cock grows for me, waiting for my mouth comfort
Reading the sissy blogs and staring at hundreds of pictures of amateur traps..... i have discovered the sexiness of girly leggings... best when your panties and gloves match the set.. aren't theses soooo sexy?
Above the knee or below... these would make me feel like such a powerful sexy girl who knows how to get what she wants
of course ALL outfits begin with some sexy foundations....
Maybe a pretty dress?
a sexy strappy sissy heel to match?
or... are you a boot slut? giggles.... **kisses!**

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