Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who wants to see me!?!?

OK bishes! Feeling a bit of sissy frenzy today. I can tell you how i stretched my pussy last night, what i thought about, how much dildo i took...mmmmmmmmm ~OR~ I can post some pics of dressing this morning.... i am wearing panties, bra and stockings under my boi clothes, and i took pics of my transformation. But as much as this sissy loves to expose herself... she has to be made to.... i have to hit the road for work, but when i return, if enough people have requested... i will post the series of dressing pics, or tell my self-fucking story.... Your choice. Please darlings, please, please, pretty please, comments, ratings... poll.... i need to know you are watching me.... **kisses!** (till later)

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