Friday, January 20, 2012

Current Training Status (Friday Edition)

It's Friday! YAY!

Friday means i have to follow my Princess's instructions.... i normally have some private time on Fridays, so that is my scheduled 'playtime' - although i take every opportunity i can get!

i am supposed to perform my dildo training (so one day, i will be ready for Her She-Cock, when She decides to take me... i will not burden Her with breaking me in) for at least one full hour, although i try to push to two hours... always trying to be Her good girl!

i am also supposed to be as fully dressed as a sissy as possible. She ordered my pink panties and bra at minimum. In the past i have expanded to different silky teddies my missus has, even a girly t-shirt of hers, while also dressed in my usual panty, bra, and stockings. occasionally my heels as well.

i am also supposed to keep my nipples clipped for the entire playtime, twisting every 30 mins. i have only recently had to stop... my nippies were starting to show some minor bite marks, but i didnt want to get caught and have ALL my fun stopped, so i have not been using my clips until the bites heal. i haven't yet spoken to Princess about this, so i hope She reads this and understands.... i'm sure She will, have i told you how WONDERFUL She is yet? Very compassionate, yet still demanding.. i couldn't ask for anything else more in a Wife.

So - today? A few minor adjustments to the orders, but i am still in compliance with the 'spirit' of the orders. i have been wearing my pink lacy panties frequently this week, i needed a different pair... so today, i am wearing my blue thong. i didn't like it at first, but idk, it's been a few months since i wore it, and today? it makes me feel very sexy and girly, and i KNOW that's what Princess wants... so i in thigh highs, blue g-string, and bra. Others are home today, so i cannot go all out. i also have decided that i will not use my clips until next week. my nips are almost fully healed, but since my missus is paying more attention to them, i do not want to risk more bites as of yet... but i will... soon.... i promise. (UPDATE... i couldn't wait.. i am clipped today!) In the spirit of making Her smile, and hopefully to garner some forgiveness for bending the rules, i also took a chance with a full house and took a few pics for your enjoyment. i hope that this entry will explain all to Her, and maybe make Her smile with my self-exposure.

And now? i sit here, with my Princess buried a full seven inches inside my pussy, sitting on Her balls up against my ring. i have kept Her inside for a full hour now, all while uploading and editing my new pics. i plan on keeping Her inside as long as i can, although... She is starting to sting, so maybe i will re-lube Her and do a quick cleanup and go again for another hour while i rock and rub my clit while dreaming of being used by Her.

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