Monday, January 23, 2012

A sissy's dream

The title of this hypno vid is 'sissy creampie trainer'. i do luv the hypno training vids...but so many only focus on taking a beautiful cock inside your mouth... i wish more were like this, i need to be bred sooo badly.

Take it bitch, luv the seed inside your body - it is a GIFT!

i recommend riding your fav dildo while trancing.... i was sitting in my Princess's lap, Her tits pressed into be back, Her prick fully inside me, as She twisted my nippy clamps and enjoyed the movie with me, thrusting up me.... giggles... i ended up on my knees as She plowed my pussy!

Luv you!


  1. I'm with you there sweety! I'm a big whore for cream in my pussy and so many sissy videos are cocksucking only.


  2. Isn´t it a wonderful feeling. To be filled with your man´s sperm. It makes me feel so womanly. Thanks for the video!