Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Current Training Update!

So… i had a long day of work coming… and i was alone to prepare for the day.

Let’s start by taking a shower... well... after opening my pussy of course! FUCK! Daddy was so good…. He turned to Princess quickly, and She took me until i shuddered in girlgasm. Banging Her prick, up against the wall, slapping my ass cheeks on Her thighs, head hanging low, moaning and panting! On my knees, letting Her pound me from behind… head lowered to the bath  floor, shoulders down and pussy up for Her pleasure, She reamed me until i gaped! Running my finger tips around my opened hole…. i knew i had a cunt… i have created a pussy where my asshole used to be… it opens for large cock easily, and spasms around stiff intruders with joy!

Remove my dildo and BREED me!
Fuck… i gotta get ready... running late already. No-one’s home… i felt soo girly… my pussy making me want to continue my transformation… i decided to fully dress under my boy clothes… with NO nasty boy undies. my bra… my other pair of pink panties (lacy in front, a cute little bow above my clit, and sheer pink nylon covering my sexy bottom)… and my full, nude, pantyhose.

Pretty Panty!

Control Top Panty Hose

my Matching Pretty Bra

my pantyhose are nice and tight… control top compresses me and makes me feel like a girdled girl. Bonus! The hose keeps my clitty nice and tight in my panty, keeping me from falling out the side like some kind of slut…. Giggles…..


You'd never guess what i kind of slut i am!

Giggles.... i got little tiny boobies!

Down Low sissy slut

i felt SOOOOOO sexy! Can you see my bra bumps under my shirt? Giggles…. if only my clients knew what kind of boi i really am… what kind of girl i want to be!

i wonder if they suspect what goes on in their bathroom?


A fun day to be sure…. During one of the calls, i went to the bathroom and tucked my self real good… again, the pantyhose keeping all the boi bits nice and tight, with no movement. my eggs were pressed against my pussy for hours! In fact… i forgot i was tucked until i had to pee later on in the day! What a wonderful surprise! i took down my hose and realized i had NO clitty bump! i was smooth like a real sexy girl! YAY!

Later on… before i got home… my buddy trapped me….. he needed a friend (yes, boys get emotional too!)… he insisted we go for a beer (or 6). i spent the entire evening in the bar with my scarf draped over my shoulders – hoping – praying that he could not see my bra bumps or the strap across my back under my dress shirt.

Eventually… i got away... but guess what…….. he lives close to the new ABS I discussed a few days back. And i was craving cock. And i was dressed. And i had nowhere to be anytime soon. Guess what i did?

Two customers roamed the hallways. One made eye contact. i put to fingers into my mouth and caressed the back of my throat as i stared into his eyes. i stepped into a booth with one foot and stood in the door blowing my fingers. He kept watching. i went inside, but did not close the door. i removed my shoes and pants, my shirt and t-shirt. Standing there in my hose and panties and bra, i stepped just outside the booth. He was still there. i gave him a simple head shrug, telling him to come inside.

He stepped inside and quickly opened his pants as i went straight to my knees. His little cock barely reached past his fly… but that didn’t stop me. Sucking and pulling on his loose taffy dick, i got him to firm up after five minutes or so. He was moaning and humping my face. i took all of him with my nose in his scratchy pubes, fondling his tiny marble balls. He did not even come close to poking my throat. Once he was nice and hard (4 inches?) – he left!?! He wandered away, and i stood and wondered what happened. i stepped outside the booth and looked around. That dick! He was standing in the door of a different booth, stroking himself next to another guy also stroking himself – BOTH were watching the movie! HEY! i HAVE A MOUTH FOR USING! He turned around…. And i begged. In the open hallway. “Please feed me” “Please… let me swallow it” Please… can i have it?” He merely replied… “I’ll be back later”.

A nice snack.

i waited and waited. Eventually i got bored and tried to convince the only remaining dick there to come feed me. He was old… very old. i mean the first dicky was old and ugly… but this guy was at least 75+. He was obviously curious about me... his eyes kept coming back to mine as i tried to seduce him into the booth. But he never came over. Eventually, desperate for cum, i started to walk around the hallway, only in my girl clothes… essentially nakkid and showing my sissy side to any who could witness. i knew my Princess would be sooo proud if She could see me right then. She did tell me to go out and seek cock to suck… so here i was... showing my body off… showing everyone what kind of sissy slut i was.. begging to be face fucked.. and i knew i was doing the right thing… it would make me soo happy for Her to witness my subjugation. Unfortunately… old man was the only one there.

After walking through the whole booth complex two times, i got brave (or desperate!) and came right out and asked him…. “Can you help me?” He merely shook his head no. FUCK! Dejected and rejected… i was sad... i can’t even get and old ugly man to let me suck him off. He’d rather touch his old ugly withered prick alone in a wack booth rather than let me eat him. i must be sooo ugly… i must be such a sissy fairy that i disgust him. i got dressed slowly, sad, and i left. First ABS: 1 little cock in my mouth… no cum   :(

As i drove… the hunger was only worse! i had fulfilled my desire to dress in an ABS and show myself… i got to taste dick… but i REALLY wanted to swallow, ya know? i remembered i was going to pass two more ABS on my way home, but i didn’t have any hopes for the other two places… i’ve been there in the past and the places are classy(er) with very little action. But…. She would want me to do everything possible to get more cock… so i knew what I had to do.

Pulling into the first place (the second of the night) the lot was empty except for the counter person’s car. i didn’t even bother, i pulled right out. Bummer. Getting depressed now.

Then a cop stopped me! He said i ran a red light, after a tiny bit of discussion, i realized i must have pulled through the light when the turning arrow was on… shit… my head must have been all over the place. He asked for the usual paperwork… license, registration, insurance. DAMN! my insurance was just cancelled (and my area has a MANDATORY car insurance requirement). Pulling my paperwork out and glacing at what i was giving him…. A license… a cancelled insurance card dated 8 months ago (so the card doesn’t even look like it’s current)… and oh no!.... my registration is expired too! SHIT SHIT SHIT! i got a FEW tickets coming at minimum! He handed back my insurance card after brief examination (what?) and told me to sit tight… he was coming right back. (This is where he checks for warrants and crimes and then writes the tickets he’s going to hand out.) i lit a ciggy and tried to relax. But then he came right back!? He handed me back my info and told me to watch the speed traps out that night! (WHAT!?!) That was it… no warnings… no tickets… no questions.. no sobriety tests! YAY! i was getting off without ANY problems! “Thank You Very Much Officer, You Have A Safe Night!”

i wish....
Driving… reflecting… was this a sign? Some luck? Hmmm…. i was definitely going to stop at the last ABS.

Wandering around the shop part, She was in my head… “go to it bitch… you know what you need to do... go find the dick… go ahead sissy... go swallow anonymous cum… for Me.” Entering the booth area… only one customer… in a ‘window’ booth. i entered the matching window side, and could only see a fat belly sitting in the chair in the adjoining booth. His pants were closed and he wasn’t touching (why not?). He was watching lesbo porn (damn! Only guys who are afraid of dick watch lesbo porn in a porn shop). He didn’t get up and leave through... so i figured... what the hell? i opened my pants and dropped them as i stood there, tuning the tv to some nice trannie getting sucked. i made sure i stood so he could see my hose and pink panties (not to mention me clitty) through the window.

A few minutes went by, and his movie stopped. He must have liked what he saw because he knocked on my window, and motioned for me to follow. He changed booths to a non-window. i was scared, but i gathered up my clothes, and followed him. Entering his booth…. He wanted to suck me. i really wasn’t into it (in fact… being sucked is nice... but i don’t cum that way… and right then i wanted to be the one with dick in my mouth) but i let him. He said ‘Hmmm, nice panties”. i blushed and giggled. He was working on my clit and i did stiffen up a bit, but not really hard. He kept telling me how great my cock was, soo big. Flatterer! Anyway… i pushed him back and told him that i wasn’t allowed to cum, my Mistress sent me there to swallow cum (a lie.. but maybe he would give me what i needed and stop trying to get me in his mouth). He didn’t really understand, but i got on my knees and let him pull his dick out. He only opened his fly.. and his prick was tiny! Just an inch or so flaccid… but i didn’t let that stop me! i mouthed that little thing quickly, hoping he was a grower! He kept making me get up so he could suck me... i kept trying to get his little dick in my mouth. It was a faggot dick sucking fight! Hehehe. He stood up and demanded i put my dick in his ass. Didn’t he realize my slightly chubby cock wasn’t going to get in him? i tried… but it wasn’t happening. i did finger fuck him a bit, but he got bored with that quickly. Finally, i sat down, and sucked his dick hard, reaching between his legs and fingering his butt hole to keep him close to me. i worked his hole and sucked is baby cock… which never got bigger than a soft two inches. His belly on my face, sucking his baby cock head, him breathing hard above me, my finger in his ass. Finally.. he announced his cumming cummies! i could taste it, but I never felt it spurt. He was done quickly, dressed and left, huffing and puffing the whole time. He did thank me.

At least he fed me... a little nosh...

 i was happy i finally got my cum… but a bit disappointed in the selection of dicks i was getting. i started to try and dress, when i spied another set of eyes watching me in my girl undies through the door crack. Nervous, i opened the door a bit more and saw a handsome middle aged guy watching me, obviously turned on by my dress. i giggled and turned my hips in a sexy pose. i stepped back, sucked on my fingers again so he knew what i wanted and dropped to my knees once again.

He stepped inside and waited a half a beat for me to get busy. i quickly reached and opened his pants, as he started to caress my back and bend over me to touch my girl panties. His prick was already a chubby 4 inches or so, with a real nice full head and prominent ridge and pointy tip. i swallowed him whole and moaned. He firmed in my mouth to a full 6 inches or so… measurements taken by how much fit into my newly opened mouth and throat. He poked my throat, just enough to almost gag me, but not enough to slide into my gullet like my 7 inch dildo. His dick was not so thick, but it had a nice girth, similar to my own. my john had roaming hands. He touched me all over, even pulling my nips! i let him fuck my tit inside my bra cup. He cock slapped me! And i LOVED IT! i worshiped his dick like i had been dreaming. Suddenly... Princess was there, sitting next to me, watching me…. i went nuts on his cock. i worshiped his balls and licked his hairy nutsack. He rubbed his cock ALL OVER my FUCKING FACE! OMG! He was such a good lover! Finally.. but too soon really…. He announced his own orgasm. i swallowed his prick quickly until he started to hunch and moan. His cock head at the very back of my mouth, i began to smell and taste the familiar taste. He must have cum straight down my throat because i coughed and swallowed, but never had the spurt i was waiting for. i kept sucking, draining his balls. He tried to pull away, but i held onto the root of his dick as I softly twirled his cock around my tongue, trying – and getting – any drops of cum i could. After i let him go, i continued to stroke and milk his dick, quickly sucking up any drops that appeared at his tip. In the end, i sucked and tongued his pisshole, cleaning his dick good before he put it away. He was eager to go… but i wished he had let me nurse his softness for a before he ran.

He was hairy, but this is what his dick was like.

In the end, I realized that I would have trouble getting out of my girl clothes once home… so right there in the dark booth in the ABS, with cum and cock on my breath, I got completely nakkid and then redressed in ONLY boy clothes, with my panty, bra, and hose in my coat pocket.

Princess... i did it! i did it for You. i did it for me. When You come to take me as Your full time sissy.. my pussy and mouth will be accustomed to taking cock and cum loads. i did not hesitate when going down on my 'customers'. and if my pussy had been prepared... i would have allowed the last mister sexy to breed me. i was dreaming of You over and over all night... hopeing You would be proud of me. i hope You read this and smile at Your sissy's behavior. i was a true cum dump. Taking loads from anyone who would feed me. On my knees, servicing dick. Walking around inside a place of sex and sin, exposing myself dressed in girl lingerie.

i Love You Princess, thank You for wanting me to do this.

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  1. i re-read this and my clitty gets stiff from the memories of exposure and taking cock like a good sissy slut... and i also smile and am filled with feelings of love as my devotion to my Princess shines through... i love being a sissy!