Thursday, January 5, 2012

She makes my sissy heart race!

How do you know this feeling is Love?

It's the way She makes you feel, with a look, a gesture, a word, a touch. It's different for everyone i guess, but, like art and porn, you know it when you feel(see) it. For me...... my heart races, i feel a tiny bit dizzy and off balance, i feel obsessed and unable to focus on anything else, i can only dream of returning these wonderful feelings to Her. i am compelled to run... to jump all over Her (metaphorically). my only desire in life is to be Her good sissy, to make Her happy and pleased and satisfied, to make Her proud.

Do You know how difficult it is to NOT be self-destructive and abuse the privilege You have granted me? How hard it is to abstain and not be bothersome?

i Love Her

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  1. I love that graphic. It's speaking out to me lol.