Thursday, January 19, 2012

my first love.... pt2

i previously exposed my first discovery of shemale porn ( ). Here's the corresponding video.....

i SOOOOO wanted to be either of these girls!

The setup.... i was 14, maybe 15 yrs old... digging in my parents bedroom (as we all do!). i had previously found a couple of VHS tapes with some vintage (even then!) porn, and i knew there was more. Eventually, i found the glossy mag... Sulka and her She-Male All Stars. It was a collection of video stills, blown up, crystal clear, of various She-Male movies staring Sulka as well as some of her co-stars from other Kim Cristy movies.

What an EYE-OPENER! i had never heard of transgender, much less shemale. The pictures of men, and women, but they're not women, but they're not men! i was thrown for a loop... but that didn't stop the wank, oh no.... i don't know what turned me on more... the big titties, the hard cocks, submissive lady boys, or guys who can't help but fall to their knees in the presence of such beauty.

The few pics of Naughty Nikko and Loni Sanders having accuall penetration sex... omg... i lost it every time. Thank god the pages were glossy, hehehehehe.... i didn't know then, but maybe it was Nikko's stiff cock, surrounded by red lace and her wearing black stockings and garters, or maybe it was Loni's worship of Nikko's dick... evident in the pictures (and true oral worship is all over this vid!), which started me on the long road of lifelong sissy-dom. Did i want to be the TG Star? or perhaps the Genetic Girl taking the dick deep inside? The answer...... 'YES!'

Anyway, having found the video 'Dream Lovers' which was the focus of that mag so many years ago, i knew i had to share with you. This is  not a hypno vid.... just a vintage TG flick, one of the first to be mass-produced for the veiwing public, originally on 8mm!. Yeah, not a hypno vid.. but it DID capture my mind, and left a quivering sissy faggot behind, forever to crave cock in my mouth or my pussy, a whore to be used by a powerful Princess for Her pleasure, forever accepting of whatever She needs me for....

i soooo need a swollen cock in my mouth right now......

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  1. WOW! Love the video, especially the start, like the start of a James Bond movie, only better :P

    Would really like to know more about how it all began with you and who the mags and the videos belonged to!

    Yes, I to kept digging through my parents stuff too! Watched them fuck on numerous occasions, what a beautifully scared sick puppy I turned out to be ;)

    Thank you very much for the share!