Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my pre flows as i trance to this

UPDATE: video is gone, is down. Anyone who may have saved this video locally, or perhaps knows of another link, please contact me so i may fix this post, thanks.

i recommend headphones for the full effect, full screen, panties on! back-to-back viewings... focus on the words, then the audio, then again and focus on the images, then again leaving your mind open and absorbing the full affect! OMG! drippys!

i AM a panty slut! giggles!


  1. Agreed. That is enough to explode....

  2. I love these :-) stripped to my panties and watching them. going to put a dildo up my cunt and do my ass training while watching....

  3. OMG! GREAT IDEA! i now know how i'm gonna spend my Friday time! hehehehehe