Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sissy Status Update (The Good & The Bad)

So... i guess i should start with the good news! Princess and i are Wife and wife! YAY! She offered Her partnership to me and i quickly accepted about a week ago! She makes me sooo happy! Thank You my Princess for taking this sissy as Yours!

It was a high for a couple of days. i got news that a friend needed more surgery.. and a family member was quickly passing. The family member died before anyone expected.. and it was quite sad. i went to the funeral... but because of my distance with relatives... i managed to not talk to anyone...

Been down... and work is giving a lot of pressure... stress.. and then i shut down and retreat further.

i spend all day surfing and touching... getting high and avoiding phone calls... even when others are in the house. Been wearing my panties regularly, but i missed a couple of days this week... wasn't feeling quite girly i guess.

Although... i HAVE been getting fucked everyday. i can't used the shower without Princess's shecock or Her lovely silky vibe up my bum for at least 30 mins. i am chasing the myth of the 'hands-free cum'. i had a small one i can truthfully call a cummy (documented below), but i haven't managed to acheive more than a drop or two since.

i use a clear plastic cup to try and catch my drippings, hoping to get enough for a feeding... but the dried drippings down the side are the only evidence of the tiny amounts i have been able to 'harvest'. Whatever i can get out dries before it gets to the bottom of the cup. :(

Friday came and i DID take Princess for two hours... giggles... She really opened me up... at one point i was on my knees, pussy up high, Her big dick pounding me with fast long strokes from the head to the balls, over and over... after a number of hard clenching girlcums, i managed to relax my pussy enough to let it gape open as Princess used me, i begged Her out loud to use my cunt for Her pleasure, to cum up me, breed me.

Bad news? i didn't wear my bra... or use my clips as instructed. People were home that made me to shy to risk a bra strap being seen, and my nippies? my nips are still scared with 'bites' from the last two sessions. i have little tiny bite marks around the edges of my areola now and i tend to go without a shirt around the house. missus hasn't said anything yet... but i dont wanna risk it to much. So, i didn't use the clips this week.

More bad news? i owe my Princess two slaps from a week ago, and i have yet to fulfill my duties. i should probably be punished as well for not following through yesterday as well. i have not been being the good girl i should be. Thing is? missus noticed past two times i had my 'rash-like' bruise from the slaps... i lied and passed it off, but i cant do that too much. idk what to do... i should just get it over with, but the more i wait the worse it gets in my head.

i need to be punished. please Princess? please punish Your sissy girl for being bad... i need it... PLEASE Princess?!?!?

i am in full avoidance mode, retreating from life... maybe if i admit it here i can climb back up.

P.S.... as i type this update/confession... i receive an email from my Wife. Only a few hasty words are enough to make me smile and lift my heart for a moment.... Thank You my Goddess, i love You.

my view before i serve

and later... Her view before i serve

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