Saturday, January 14, 2012

WARNING: Real talk (The Ugly)

First off? i'm not into scat. Quite frankly, it makes me retch. Not condemning or passing judgement on ANYONE else, just saying, its not for me. That said...

i've been activly searching out and 'consuming' any sissy training or sub discussion group for the past eight months or more... i find lots of assistance with mental issues, thought processes (mind set), manerisms and actions, wardrobe, and of course, even body modification. What i can NEVER find is any help / discussion on the very real issues i imagine many new sissys have when they use their asshole as a pussy for the first few times.

Cum and get it big boy

So, in the interest of being the first one to speak up, i have some thoughts and questions on the subject. What follows is intended to be 'real' talk and i am very curious to know how others feel or what you do, i invite you to please comment and share...

First of all, i ALWAYS try to clean my pussy hole before any playtime. As this can be difficult and time consumeing, my proceedure differes based upon how 'clean' i feel.

i guess i can say that i certainly always try to evacuate before i ever even start anything at all.i may wait to have a few attempts if i feel as if i was not 'done'. i may smoke a ciggy or get high to try and stimulate the bowels as well. (Especially if i know i have time and am planning on playing, ESPECIALLY if i know i am going to see Princess, hehe.)

If the house is empty, or quiet, i may 'douche' my pussy. i have a couple of old Fleet's enema bottles (although it may be time for new ones), i fill them with warm water and some hand soap. i take a few fillings, sometimes three seperate, sometimes two at once, maybe twice. i hold for five to ten mins, sometimes i trance to sissy hypnos as i kneel on the bathroom floor with my ass held high. i evacuate and go again till i run clean.

a clean sissy cunt

Now, i dont always 'douche'... it takes a while, and im not always planning on diddling my hole, but it seems as if i do more and more...

Thing is? Even after the most vigorous cleaning... i still get... 'dirty'. Ok, this is disgusting... but i need help... when i girlcum? i press down, my insides, my pussy walls grab the dick in me and squeeze HARD!, sometimes, my pussy turns inside out, giving me nice soft cunt lips to touch and stroke with my finger tips. But (giggles) in the end, anything that is left inside gets squeezed out, around the dildo or vibe, it gets messy.

As messy as im gonna post

You see why most of my play is in the tub? i end up fucking and cleaning and fucking and cleaning, and fucking, and fucking, and fucking, and... oh shit? again? i thought i was fucking clean?!?, oh well.... and cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning. By that point im sooo tired of cleaning myself, and surely washing away any small drippings off my clit, i get tired and stop. i tie up the only bath in the house for hours.

this makes up for the last one
 Oh... and heres another question! Seriously! Does anyone elses pussy self-lubricate? It seems as if even if i am spotlessly clean, i produce mucus... a drippy, snot-like mixure. Sometimes, its even yellow-ish, almost white... and it's not too hard to think it looks like a cum load that was deposited up my cunt. giggles!

freshly fucked asshole

i guess this is a good time to say that i almost never use any 'real' lube. Most of the time my spit and saliva is enough. i may deep throat my dildo first to get that good throat slime, but many times just my lips and tongue tip are enough to get the cock wet enough to stretch my hole without very much burn at all. If im in the shower, i've started to use some shampoo dripped on Princess's cock as it sticks to the wall, but only because i can fuck Her hard, quickly. After my cleanings i may just soap up Her stiff prick with my soapy hands before guiding Her back up my slippery cunt. Occasionally? i bang Her hard, turning the soap into a frothy mix, She'll slip out of me and Her dick looks as if She just fucked a sloppy cummy hole.... hehehehe.... getting distracted with my own memories...

fill me up guys

But the point is.... what is it? i though that a colon didnt produce any kind of natural lubrication. im assuming that it IS mucus. The though DID occur to me yesterday though, since i have sooo many girlcums, and so rarely produce and real loads of boi jizz lately, AND the 'lube' has been more prominant lately (keep in mind i am fucking myself daily now)... COULD i be cumming into my own pussy? Could something be wrong inside and that is where my cummies are going?

i know i sound stupid. And i do think i know alot about how the body works.... but in this case, i guess i am a noob... too afraid to ask my doc if... frequent vigorous self stimulation of my prostate could cause a tear, or leakage inside my body.... and if it did, wouldn't it hurt?

And speaking of hurt... does anyone elses guts hurt after a particularly hard banging? i get a soreness in my lower abdomen, behind my pubes i guess. my pussy hole doesn't normally hurt, and if my lips swell and hang out, they normally shrink, or i push them gently inside as i wash and relax. Checking back a few hours later, my hole is normally nice and closed, a clean little rosebud.

And speaking of self-examination... giggles... this is really embarrassing, but i can't be the only one... anyone else have the act of wiping their bottom turn into an erotic experience for them? Not so much the wiping part you sick fuckers... the touching your own hole part! Gotta get that thing clean first! giggles! i guess for that matter, washing it is always fun too, but i do soo much playing in the tub anyway, the washing is always the soft relaxing part. i love to feel my little pucker. i love to poke it and press my finger. i love to feel my pussy lips and know i have a boipussy ready for fucking. i cant get near it even when im on the toilet doing my business without starting to feel sexy... girly.

Anyway... i guess what i really want to know is.... im not the only one with these issues? right? i mean, no-one seems to talk about it.... but getting our pleasure can be a messy business sometimes... right?


  1. Young lady you are not the only one with these issues at all. I have done some serious ass play and I rarely have a completely clean day.

    I can suggest that if you know ahead of time to try not to eat for 24 hours before you want to do some serious play. That way the body will process what ever you have in your system then douche yourself before you play to try to get any other icky stuff out of the way and that way there is nothing to 'follow up'.

    You can also try getting better douche equipment to give yourself a more through cleansing.

    Otherwise it is a reality of your ass pussy that it is a dirty thing and preparation is the only thing you can do.

  2. One point of help is to be good about fiber. More fiber... no, even more fiber. make for nice firm poops, and not much back messiness. and douching gets that poop kernels out of you.

  3. > And speaking of self-examination... giggles... this is really
    > embarrassing, but i can't be the only one... anyone else have the
    > act of wiping their bottom turn into an erotic experience for them?

    *raises her hand*
    I have :) More or less the way you described, even :)