Friday, February 10, 2012

my dream

How i wish someone would change me from this:

not me.. but damned close

To this:

so feminine...

i know others have seem to have accomplished this goal... i know because i admire their photos (ya know, the ones we all jill-off to everyday?) However, for me... at this point... it's a pipe dream. the family wouldn't quite understand, the missus is not exactly open minded. And the thought of coming out to my boy... well.. idk... it's quite scary.

In the meantime, i guess i'll just keep doing what i'm doing... watching hypno trainers, reading TG porn, dreaming of being cuckolded, forced into being the bisexual sissy slut i secretly want to be, showering for hours as i clean and open and please my sissy boi pussy, creaming my freshly shaven clit, eggs and pussy lips with strawberry scented lotion, lightly caressing my silky clit as i return to the sissy porn, weeping pre, touching my cunt, giving into the desire to fill myself again, using my drink cups as sissy load catchers, trying desperately to milk a flowing sissy cummie from myself, licking up any pre i can get, eating my own ruined cummies, fantasizing about my booth service, dreaming of Princess taking me, making me Hers, bringing my dreams to life....

good news? missus has been texting me all day.. she's acting like she's horny and wants to fuck... but i've played this game before... she typically comes home and acts like all the sexy talk never happened, she gets to chores, or whatever, and i end up frustrated, and secretly trying to jill-off in the next room... hopefully today will be different, i'm clean and smell good (if a bit girly) and i havent had any cummies in at least four or five days, and she hasn't touched me in a few weeks, so maybe, maybe, if i can get her in bed, maybe i can get her to finger me, dreaming of Princess, dreaming of cocks in my face using me, i'll be sure to spurt a nice thick load.

missus likes that... she wants me to cream as hard as possible so i can message her clit with my spunk and lube her asshole for my fingers, she always gets off hard that way. what she doesn't know is... for the past few months, as i finger her, i also scoop half the load into my own mouth... giggles!... she shouldn't hog all the creamy goodness! shit! she doesn't even like to swallow! hehe... anyway, here's hoping i get used like the slut i am!

All these pics were pulled from Feminization Sunrise - check it out...

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