Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Addiction spreads... be warned

The best thing to happen to my sissy persona has to be discovering certain blogs...

Annamalice, Felicia's, Desires of a Submissive Gurly Boi, as well as a few others...  really let me know that there are many, many others who have the same feelings i do.. the same internal struggle... panties or boxers?... Hmmmm.....

But i guess, the MOST influential blog has to be 'Second Life Sissy Fag'. Run by a wanna be faggot, Seven Jonstone... her blog was the one that introduced me to the wonderful place where i can be exactly whoever i needed to be. A place where i can 'live' as nicolette. A place where i could (and have) fully explore my sissy side, and eventually discover and love the joys of submission.

Second Life is an amazing place, where you can find others who are similar in desire, hang out with friends, who understand, support, and encourage you. It is a place where a faggot can be a faggot, a furry can live as furry, a sub can find a Mistress, and whatever, whoever you desire could be yours.

Yeah... that's her... and yes... she IS fucking a pig... hehe gotta love SL!

Thank You Seven.... you have affected this sissy for the positive, you have lead a lost gurl to paradise. SL has brought me wonder and love and friendship and acceptance.

Please check out her blog, wondrous discoveries await you!

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