Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Grins for this sissy

So, i found out tonight that a very important person to me is checking my blog everyday.

OMG! Let me just tell you all how that feels...
1st: WOW! She is checkin my BLOG! OMG! OMG! WOW OH WOW!
2nd: AWWW SHEEETT! i havent updated in a long time! im wastin Her time.. She's gonna stop checkin it! OH NOES! im messin up! im not doin a good job! i gotta fix it i gotta do better!

hehe... such is the mind of a sissy sub

So... obligatory humiliating bad pictures of me exposing myself to the world anyone? giggles... hit the jump to witness my shame *smiles*

posting this pic the first time earned me the nickname bunnybutt... which i kinda liked! hehe

and to prove im not a total hair monster.

this is prettier... Mommy might like this one, its more... demure i thinks

Can this pic scream crossdresser anymore? and a bad one at that. side note.... i love that camisole.. even though its about two sizes too small

the tiny silver bow is just darling *smiles

a wild sissy appears!

Picking these i realized after the first two that maybe She didnt want to see me all slutty and whorish. i think She would rather see me prettier.. idk.

Along those lines.. i think im gonna try to put together an outfit from missuses clothes... i found a cute cotton top that looks hot on me, and i can stretch down to a slutty dress. hmmm ... you guys never reply.. but may be if i had motivation... hehehehe


i Love You Mommy *Hugs Mommy's legs snugly


  1. Bubbles Livy FlowersApril 16, 2012 at 10:57 PM

    Important? Me? :D

    Oh no wait...I'm just something or other.

  2. She keeps checking this blog for a reason ;) I'm just boring and use the rss-reader to tell me the instant you've updated ;)