Saturday, April 21, 2012

my Home... and Safe Place... AYA

Once upon a time i was lost.

Discouraged, alone, beaten down by the cruelty of others... i was... ready to quit being a sissy.

Then, i found Love and acceptance. Funny how what is most needed can sometimes come at the lowest point. She comforted me, nurtured me, Love me. Then She took me to Little England

Little England is a sim (or... country if you will) in the virtual world of Second Life. It is home to many cool attractions, and i will be sure to post more about them in the future. The one i want to discuss today is AYA Sissy Sanctuary. my Princess and i used to occasionally work there as a DJ / Host combo for the parties and dance events held.

There i met many more like myself... and quite a few like Her. All of the members seemed so very happy in their servitude... although.. i must admit.. it DID seem confusing at times, soo many subs, all obviously following the same rules at once.. but yet.. they all seemed so content. There were sissies and fembois, nekos and clowns, shemales and herms... and many more. There were Governesses and Mistresses, and Sirs, and Dommes of all types. It was obvious they operated under a blanket of love... it seemed right in line with the relationship Princess and i enjoyed... love between all members... an extended family in every sense... mutual respect between Top and bottom... rules and discipline, but compassion and comfort as well. my visits there were always fun... and intriguing as well

When She had to leave me.... She told me to return there. She knew i needed guidance.. and She trusted the Governess to treat me well.

THAT was the single greatest thing She ever did for me.

At AYA i have been welcomed and loved. From the beginning, even though most had no memory of my previous visits (there was a couple of months where Princess and i stopped working due to real life issues), i was accepted and nutured. Not just from my fellow maids and sisters, but also from Dommes i had never met. The warm embrace of love was able to heal my pain and comfort me when i needed it the most. I found a true family, sisters and nieces, friends and compatriots, i found my new love, and fiance' Twinkles... and of course, i found my Mommy.

The will be posts to follow regarding my AYA experiences... but now... i encourage you to visit their new blog... and perhaps.. take a chance.. and come visit us in world....  i will be glad to give a tour of the Mansion or the entire sim... me and my fellow maids are here for Y/your assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

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