Friday, June 29, 2012

Never Say That i Dont Try To Please

im NOT stupid.

i know what you fuckers really want,. Fine.... here it is:

look at that hole... dont you just wanna fill it? i wanna be it!
The latest vid to get me to make a boy spurt. Of course it would feature lots of beautiful pricks loosing their loads, to fall over creamy lips, drip off of slimey tits, or plop onto waiting tongues. Wish i could get 'up' for this post.. but... eff it... its been a rough week.

Hit the jump for the full vid.


Btw... big thanks to moz79 . If they makes this series of vid... they're a perverted artist couple that has my attention. i still have many wasted hours of furiously fapping to try and pop my nuts to thank him for.

Thank You so much moz79... it is appreciated.

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