Friday, June 29, 2012

trying to come out is harder than it seems

An old post... from a few weeks ago... i had typed it, saved it... and... forgot about it.. maybe it was waiting for pictures.. idk.... at this point... idc

Posting it so there's somthin new on the front page.

Update at the bottom.

"Do you want to be a girl?" She asked as She continued to stroke my firm clit in Her panties. i 'made' Her panty me earlier with the pair She had on. ("Theses are prettier than the ones the other day..." She declared as She held them open for me to step into.)

my arms around Her back, caressing Her bare bottom under the short nighty. "Mmhhmm" was all i could muster, my shame hidden with my face in Her neck. i decided to reply with action. i slipped the nighty over her arms and shoulders, and then quickly over me. Standing there in Her nighty and panties, hugging, Her hand on my VERY stiff clit, nakkie in my arms.....

"Do you want to be a girl?... for real?" She repeated.

"mhmmm" was the best i could do.

"dress me up and... fuck me?"

She smiled. "ok, is that what you want? i'll do that for you.... sometime...."

my sissy hips thrusting in Her hand, waves of sexiness washing over me, imagining Her nakkie form behind me, fucking me, as im dressed like the sissy i NEED to be. "i want to be your sissy bitch".

"you already are," She giggled, "but, you dont look good in my clothes. you're not girly. you have a mans body, you are an ugly girl.... your body... and all the hair... the wiry greys pokin out...."

i stopped myself from pointing out that i tried to broach the subject of removing my body hair a while back... and She shot me down quickly. "i know.... the hair is ugly...." is all i could whisper.

Dejected, we separated, i gave Her back Her nighty, i released Her, turned and went about my day and Her back to Her pursuits before my selfish interruption... but at least im still wearing Her panties.... three days out of four now.. and She has  known the entire time.


Yeah well.... this is how it seems to go... she is welcoming and playful for a few days... then cold and distant for a few weeks. If i get caught during these.. cold.. times, then all hell breaks loose.. so i wear less... or... stress more. No sex lately (2 weeks?) at all...  Certainly no response that can be considered positive if i call her my Miss, or if i wanna act a little girly, effem... she acts as if shes repulsed.

Yay me.

... and now, reading back over and over... its really quite sad.


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