Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sissy Status Update 6/12

~OR~ A Bit of CrossDreaming To Ease The sissy Inside.

So, an update of my sissy yearnings is due.

Having less time to dress and 'live' my SL as nicole has had me a bit depressed. i have pulled out a pair of my favorite panties and been wearing more often to get that... girly feeling. Missus has been working my pussy lots.. and thats nice.... but.. shame really, she doesnt understand that i need more... lots more.
Sent my Mommy this photo the other day... was thinking about her as i was dressing for work. Think She liked it? Would you like to get this in your email?

im hoping that my small introductions to my girl side (mostly as sex play, but with the occasional hints.. or me wearing her panties for a day as a 'joke'... mhmmm... a joke, sure.) is allowing my missus to accept me more. Tell me what you think of this recent change in normal activity....

Occasionally, i will hang unused dress shirts on the front of my bureau, and occasionally... well... most often recently... it seems the missus has taken to hanging a shirt of hers there as well - just one, on a hanger, mixed in, or on top of the few shirts i have there. Maybe she is just hanging them there to keep them out of the way. Maybe she is testing me. Either way... this sissy is too chicken-shit to do anything about it... mostly.

The fist time... i was eyeing up the shirt for a few days.. to see if she would move it. She didnt. How did she know i had been eyeing it up.... the purple lace around the arms and chest so cute... the soft cotton so... girly and sexy, yet.. comfy and unmistakably girl styled. I held it up to my chest  (on the hanger still) and said to her, "is it my color? is this mine since you left it here? Think its cute on me?"

She replied, "Oh, yeah... i'd knew you'd like it." I was taken aback... it didnt expect her to play along... but the thing is... idk.. maybe i was imagining it... i thought i could detect a bit of malice and disgust in her voice. i put the hanger back where it was, but the next day... it was gone.

Hehe... is it cute? i love it!
This week? it happened again. This time with a cute little babydoll type top. i took a shower (filled with a LONG session with my dildo) and again i asked her (after a few days of it being there). I held it against me as if i was modeling it in the store isle "how about this one? Think its cute on me?" She looked and said, "yeah.. it is". Then she just left the room, leaving me nakkie with the girls top against my skin.

Did she just give me permission to wear it? OMG! i want to wear it. i had time.. she just left the house. I had asked for sex, but she said she was too busy. Im nakkie and she knows i was playing with her top. Fuck, she knows. She's testing me....

Well fuck it.. if she knows then im gonna try it on. A quick dig in her drawer and i found a cute pair of black mesh panties i hadnt seen before.. why were they near the top of her panties? Way too sexy for her... and her thong is disturbed too? Hmmmmm....

Oh well... quickly dressing... get the camera... snapping pics.... all for you friends... please witness my sissy nature.. this is me... when im happiest....

And.. finally? Hehe.. as i was posting this.. she came back.... i tried again... "I have no more clean undies...." I was hoping shed offer to panty me.... no such luck. I tried the baby doll against me again... "Are you sure this isnt cute for me?"

Much to my dismay she came back with... "Youre not gay enough.. this wont look good on you.. you are too manly. I mean... its not like your one of those faggy gays thats wears womans clothes."

UGH... and with a few choice words... shes cuts me right down. I wonder if she knows how much that hurts.....


  1. Damnit, I was so hoping she'd been an accepting and supporting wife... but I was sorely disappointed :( She couldn't have come up with a more painful attack even if she tried to.

    I'm sorry *hugs tightly*

    1. Thankkies hun.... believe it or not.. its easier to handle knowing that there are others out there (like yourself) that know.... and understand.... maybe im not such a weirdo after all.

    2. You're not weird :) We're just a (tiny) minority in this weird-ass world, but we support each other. At least we ought to :)