Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cross Dreaming pt2

So... the other day... i told you all about my recent sissy cravings for crossdressing..... hehe... i guess this is part two.... it was the next day, three days ago at this rate... as the day started, i took a few pics thinking i might like to post them at some point.. but as the day ended, i KNEW i would post them... so without further ado....

    SO i was showered, self-fucked, pussy gaping, looking for clothes.... uh oh.... no clean undies. I checked a boys room... HE HAS NO UNDIES EITHER! shit.. this place needs a maid.... hehehe.....

    i was just considering going commando...... always a sexy option... but.. well, honestly? my pussy was SORE! and examining the pants i was going to wear.. i had NO desire to have a rough corduroy seam running up and down my swollen pussy lips.... what to do.....

    Then i noticed... the panties missus wore last night... they were on top of HER hamper. When i watched her put them on... i thought they were kinda cute, girly with a polka dot pattern. Cute little cotton bikini Victoria's Secret  panties..... hmmmmmm... what to do? hehe.. YOU know what i did....

cute, no?

    So anyways.. off to work... had a VERY long day. At some point i had to use a clients bathroom, giggles, i always LOVE finding panties in my pants after i forgot they were on!

    Later.... i was home, tired and ready for a nap... Missus came home... she was in a good mood, relatively... so i took a chance... Now, i guess i should tell, in case you havent read all the entries... occasionally i will put her panties on, normally after we have some sex and i cant find my pants... its kinda a good natured 'joke', but i never wear them long. I think the longest i ever wore her panties that she knew of, was a few hours when the house was empty. She always giggles a bit seeing me prance around like a sissy. (But remember.. that is when she thinks its all a fun joke.... she would have a totally different opinion if i was being serious.)

    I called her into the bedroom and explained my situation earlier. She asked, "so what did you do?" I replied silently by opening my pants and slipping them down, standing there in her panties. We both had a good laugh. She said, "You just wanted to wear my panties again." I came back, "Maybe... but at least i have a good excuse! *smile" She walked out without further convo.

    I took my nap, ONLY in her panties.

    Later that night, i was under the covers, having just found out that this was to be another night without sex (btw - even though she has been more, attentive recently... things seem to be drying up again), she asked "Are you still wearing my...." What was i to say? "Yes, " i replied, "is that why im not getting any tonight?" "No." she said. End of Convo.

    So i guess the news is... i was wearing her panties ALL day and night, she knew about it, and didnt really give me a hard time. Now... how can i get her to finger my pussy like a girl as im wearing them?

UPDATE: (hehe... i typed the previous in prep for uploading the pics, but now i have more news *giggles)

This morning? i couldn't take it anymore.... i've been in SUCH a frenzy. Working lots... very stressed... and fucking my cunt every chance i get. Fingers, lotion / shampoo bottles, dildoes and vibrators... let me tell you... this sissy is open and ready!

Yesterday i spent the whole day engrossed in two things, work and my hole. After hours of milking and trancing, i was finally able to get THREE(!) significant creamy loads to eat and enjoy as i kept my desire.

I woke this morning more randy thans ever. Knowing missus prefers morning sex, i was soft and gentle. i let her caress my hard shaft and balls as she slowly woke. i caressed her bum and boobs, started moaning and thrusting into her fist.

Then i spoke... "please.... please...."

"What?" she said, "You want to get fucked, dont you?" i could hear the sexy smile in her voice.

 "yes please..... Miss" She has been responding positive to the occasional title use during 'fun times' so im using it more and more. "PLEASE.... please... fuck... your sissy" It was the first time i used the 's' word with her. "Make me your bitch." i followed up with.

i asked her outright. "Please... please... panty me? Put your pantys on me? and..... fuck me?"

She giggled. "What? You want to be my bitch? What else slut?"

"make me... make me... eat.. it. make me..... eat my cum? force me?"

"How bitch?"

"off of you? make me..... cream Your beautiful pussy? and.... make me eat it?"

"You want to eat it off Me? How? Where do you want it, bitch?"

"off Your pussy. Make me eat my load of Your beautiful pussy lips. All over Your cunt? You like that? Would that get You hot? me eating me load off You?

"MMMhhhhmmmmm" she moaned.

While she never did panty me.. she did start to finger my pussy as i wanked hard. Another larger load was forced from my cock. (BTW.... She sooo lovingly called my cock .. "my clitty" the ENTIRE TIME! It was sooo hot... and prolly why i came so fast.)

Again, unfortunately, she also did NOT follow through with the fantasies i begged her for. After my hard, whimpering, half-girl cum.. she immediately assumed her fav position on all fours as i used my load to lubricate my fingers to bring her off. (i have been thinking about surprizing her one day my climbing underneath as she approaches her climax and start licking the gooey creamy mess my fingers and cum make... think she'd like that?)

After the 'festivities' were over... i looked around for covering as she got ready to shower.... only her discarded nighttime panties filled my vision. *giggles Pink stripes, her fav soft cotton bikini cut, another pair of VS... very cute if you asked me. A quick swipe.. and SWOOP... they were up my legs, and i was wearing proudly. 

Walking around, she saw me and laughed... our private 'joke'..... i continued to wear as she got ready and left for her errands.... i got back to my waiting pile of work. She didnt seem to have anything derogatory to say... she knows im wearing, i think... i hope.... i think she's coming along.

This is what an embarrassingly hairy, but satisfied sissy wears after being used.


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