Friday, June 29, 2012

Sod off

So i havent posted in a while... i knows, pleaze dont me mad at me.

Its just... sometimes? i dont feel girly enough to post, or im sad, or worried, or angry, or hurt, or any number of a ton of reasons why i can't.

Sowwy. ((not really - go stuff your bum if you cant handle it))
1.Insert 2.Remove 3.Repeat

i mean? what do you want me to post? That a loved one has deteriating health? or how lonely i am? or how much i wish life was over? or maybe... nah... that still hurts too much to share. Go eff yourself. What do you want?!?!

Seems so hard lately.. idk... too many reasons to be down.

Can't have EVERY post be a debbie downer... so if im not feeling it, or i think ive been too negative... maybe... i. just. wont. post.

But then... i see your veiws again and again, after weeks with no update... and i feel guilty.

So... a post about why i havent been posting. enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. In my honest opinion you should post whenever you feel like it :) Even if it's random and even sparse sometimes, that's why I use greader to be informed whenever there's something new to read :)

    And I get happy whenever I see a new entry being published - no matter what it contains ;)