Sunday, June 10, 2012

Want To 'Meat' Me? hehehe....

This is scary.

I may be in Denver (or there abouts) in August i think.

It occurs to be that this may be a good opportunity to get my hole(s) used. I will be alone. You wont have to be bothered by me afterwards. If things work.. it could be a fun time for all....

I guess my dream would be a Domme Fem or TG... maybe a sissy husband or slave... even the scary thought of a Dom Sir to take me and use me... makes me tremble to even consider it. I dont have a problem with group scenes. One-on-one is fun, but more stressful in some ways. A Dom Sir is the scariest. Bottom line.... i want to be used. i want to gladly serve Your needs. Maybe for an hour, maybe for the evening... maybe a few in a  row if You like my service.....

Dont think im ready to host a pump-n-dump. Playing raw is very scary, although i hate condoms... if thats all that stands between me and a hard cock.. well.. im flexible on the subject of safe-play. i dont shy away from cum is my point. (Just read a bit of my exploits for further understanding.)

Think about it. Do You and Your wife have fantasies? Scared of playing 'local'? Think about having a needy sexy  CD sissy to use for the night... let me be your fantasy girl.

If You REALLY want to... and if we click.. i CAN top.. although... i prefer not to (maybe if im forcing your sissy hubby... hehe.. THAT could be fun... what a show i would put on for you.....). I guess thats a good point... i seem to only enjoy topping other sissies.... so keep that in mind....

Are you a soft sexy woman who wants to have Her way with a submissive CD? Use me... feminize me. im available for Your strap-on... or face worship... whatever you desire. Live your dream of mounting my face after Your man fills You up. Make me clean His dick, lube You both, i will gladly suck His balls or your clit or both of Your assholes as You fuck above me.

ATM is ok... but scat play is NOT.

Piss-play is good. *smiles

I NEED to lose my sissy virginity. My mouth is trained and has some practice. My throat is willing, but my need assistance to be fully accommodating. My pussy is ready for cock up to 2" wide, 7.5 / 8 inches long, but initial penetration my be difficult for pricks that size. Please help a needy sissy. Pretty please? Take my cherry for Your own.

No matter who You are.... Couple, Miss, Sir, fellow sissy..... my ONLY requirement is that You treat me like a girl... the girl i am inside. i am not passable. i am embarrassingly hairy. i am closeted. and i love to look and feel like a girl. You MUST agree to treat me this way. Use me as You want, but please... this is my chance to be a girl as best i can. Please help me.

Oh.. and one more thing....

Im not picky about looks... i love people, and it takes all types. Heavy people are ok. Muscular people are ok. Soft and fem people are ok. i would like to swap pics before hand... but dont be worried that i would be mean or reject you on looks alone. I ask that you be clean of course. And im 420 friendly, like to drink, and am a smoker... but ciggies (or any of that) can be put aside for the night.. especially if im busy smoking prick. i wont drink to excess.... and NO hard drugs please (coke and ex in particular). Hehe... and i guess you might already know that i LOVE big dicks! but... little ones are nice too.....
Any finally.. putting out a serious call for help... how can i do this? i never have actively sought a clandestine meeting like this. Sure, ive found anon cock at a moments notice by going to where they hang out... but this is different. I want to setup a meeting for fun BEFORE i ever get there.

How do i do this? Craiglist? Seems untrustworthy if you ask me. But what else is there? Maybe THIS is the forum.. BUT i have no way if any of you are in that area.... idk. Any tips you can give me would be appreciated... and... pass the word, the more people know, the better chance for success.

Even if you are not in that area.... i guess... please tell me if you WOULD meet me? Would you like to play with me? Do i seem like a good sissy slut to play with?.... Looking for re-assurance i guess...


  1. I know I'm pretty damn late in commenting, but I'll drop a line anyway.

    Of course I'd meet you and play with you ;) Happily! The sad fact is that I reside on the Old Continent, pretty far away. So I guess I'm not of much help and it saddens me :(

    1. Thanks Johanna.... you always know just what to say!
      *grins & giggles*

  2. When will you be in denver? As a fellow sissy I'd be more than happy for you to top me!

    1. Well sissy boi... unfortunately... it ddoesnt look like thats gonna happen now... you see... the whole thing was a possibility that was floated to me if i got a new job... and now... they are talking about Phoenix, AZ instead. i don't know what the final decision is going to be... but now i wish it does happen.... because i would love to meet you sweety! Anyways, i'll definitely post when i know for sure what my plans will be!