Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Sissy Snack Bag

i don't know where i saw the phrase first... was somewhere on my regular blog visits.... 'sissy snack bag'. i was enthralled by the idea.

Makes my mouth water... for real.

For the past month or so... i had not ejaculated in the normal fashion... well... at all really. Even the once or twice the missus tried her hardest to bring me off - using her fingers and pussy the way i like.. although.. the faces she makes can be a turn off.

Since i hadnt cum in a few weeks, and she stopped coming near me at all, i decided to wait and try harder to milk myself properly. i so want to be a good sissy. i had read that you should wait at least 10 days between attempts... i guess that's been my problem... i think the longest i went in the past was 5 or 6 days before i would cum one way or another. i was already on the right track this time.

Sure... i kept playing and touching.. but much less. i focused ONLY on m pussy. Touching just to keep my arousal at the peak. Eventually wi was able to resist touching at all, watching and reading porn, riding my Daddy dildo. i was spending at least an hour working my hole over everysday, learning to relax and let the girlgasms flow through me over and over. i learned to love the way my clitty would grow stiff all on its own when my pussy would cum and spasm. my pretty girlcock bouncing as i took Daddy deep and hard over and over.

Problem was.... i only could ever work up to a drop or two. i might get that a couple of times during a session. If i was in the shower (most times) these delicious drops would wash away. What to do?

The answer: my sissy snack bag.

Here we see an example of a loving Bull donating to feed a family of hungry sissies.

Now, i work a condom over the end of my bad clitty and use the perfect size rubber band to hold it over the crown (a slippery bag easily slides off a limp clitty i found, hehe). Every session results in a tip full of pre at minimum. And guess what? i am getting LOTS closer to the fabled hands free cumshot!

The other day? i had such a sweet load from a day of fucking Daddy, still not a real cum, but a shot of sissy drippings i could savor. After sucking the slimy rubber inside out and loving the taste of juice, i worked the bag over my bell end again, strapped it on and slipped Daddy home once again. Laying on my back, with eight inches inside me..... i was a bad gurl. i acted like a disgusting boi and wanked my clitty till it filled the rubber. The whole time... in my head.... my Princess was whispering.. "Go ahead sissy, fill that snack bag. Get your lunch. Go ahead, it's ok... cause you are going to eat it all! Fill it up, fill up your sissy snack bag, get your meal......" SPURT SPURT SPURT!

In fairness... this is more the appropriate picture to demonstrate my reality. Sissy loads are never very filling.

my first hard cum in a month. Less than i expected.... but delicious all the same.

The experience fulled my desires for the remainer of the day. i was obsessed. i continued to fuck myself many ways, in many rooms, over and over. my panties stunk of sweat, my cunt gaped. i must have been drooling precum like a faucet because numerous times i removed my snackbag to slurp out the slime coating the insides. Eventually i ended up on my back, the used rubber inside out across my sissy face, panties pulled over my tight eggs, the scent of previous loads filling my nostrils and memories, flashes of cocks sucked in the past flying through my brain, and a desperate need to fill my sissy snack bag again.... i was hungry.

Sadly... there were no more cummies for me that day.... lots of drippy milking, one real load, and slimy pre to fill my belly had to suffice. From now on.. i only wank with a snack bag on, but i mostly just rub my hole a little anyway... funny.... i still get little drops...

Maybe if i had the proper person (or persons) to motivate me...

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  1. Some girls know were the food nature made them. So healthy for them and i love the ones that figured it out. You go girls and eat as much as you can get. nature never GMO,S good stuff