Monday, August 13, 2012

Very Interesting... where do you rate?

This is a very cool idea. A 'standardization' of sorts regarding the general classification of the transgendered. i don't know if it would cover everybody, or if YOUR particular nuance is listed... but it is an interesting concept and a thorough attempt.

Another stolen and re-blogged post... but i had to share it. Would sooo love to hear what you think, how you placed. My own summary is at the end.

The way I see it, there are 10 different types of Tgirl. The term “Transgender” is a pretty broad spectrum….this is how I see it!
(opinion only :P)

1) The Closet Crossdresser - Without a doubt, the most numerous and common category. In fact, even if you think you’ve never met a Tgirl in real life, you’ve probably met plenty of these, and just dont know it. It could be anyone….anywhere. Theres probably at least one in your family. Usually the ones you expect least too! Typically someone who throws on some girls underwear they found / stole / got off the internet, and has a quick knuckle-shuffle. Personally I wouldnt consider this to even register on the Transgender-scale.
2) The Amateur Tranny - Typically identified by dated / non existent fashion sense, average-at-best makeup skills, and an identi-kit wig with a center parting (always the most obvious to spot). I do still have a lot of respect for these people, because lets face it, pretty much everyone in the Tgirl-spectrum was one of these, once upon a time, even me. Everyone has to start somewhere. The amateur tranny is probably “out” to a few friends, and enjoys going out to gay/tranny bars to get chatted up by “admirers”…..although despite societies tendency to assume they’re all closet homosexuals…..typically most are just straight guys with a crossdressing fetish.
3) The Drag Queen - Easy to spot due to trademark huge unrealistic 80’s hair, quirky or outragously fabulous sense of “style”, and OTT makeup. Usually acting impossibly gay, and sporting an ego the size of a house (whether real or just part of their “persona”) the Drag Queen is usually the life and soul of any party…..and can usually be found performing Britney covers at gay club cabarets. Technically speaking, these are some of the most skilled Tgirls when it comes to the art of “transformation”….they know all the tricks!
4) The “Im not quite sure if I want to transition and be a full time girl” - Youre probably quite young, maybe 18-25, and have suddenly come across this crossroads in your life, where you cannot quite make your mind up. Part of you thinks you should have always been a girl. The other part of you thinks that maybe this is just a phase, and you’ll grow out of it. You’re shit scared of telling your parents, and probably debating whether or not to go to the doctors, and look into taking hormone therapy. Typically identified by a decent “real-girl” fashion style, although some can be Jordon-wannabes who took found their way here after taking the Drag-Queen thing too far and making it part of their actual personality.
5) The Gay in Disguise - You know the type. Annoyingly good at looking feminine, probably about 5’6 tall, skinny, with a HUGE appetite for cock. Kind of like a drag queen, only more convincing, and with no “persona”….these girls just dress this way to satisfy their sex drives, by praying on unsuspecting straight guys. Easily identified by excess fake-tan and long fake nails.
6) The Freak - Every gay bar has one of these. Typical age 40-50, with possible mental issues. You’ll probably see them walking around the city-center in the middle of the day, with half a beard showing, balls hanging out the bottom of a pvc miniskirt, gut overlapping the waistband and a fur coat. Avoid at all costs.
7) The Young Transsexual - You probably started the transition when you were about 14….hormone therapy as soon as it was legal, and you obviously live full-time as a girl. You have good fashion sense, makeup skills, and chances are, look great as a girl. Probably at the stage where youre now about to get a job, and having trouble being hired because of employers being absolute homophobic bastards. I have a huge amount of respect for anyone in this catagory….going through the transition whilst at school would be the hardest task in the world.
8) The “better late than never” Transsexual - Youve probably lived most of your early life, maybe even been married or had kids…..and all along you felt like you should have been a woman. Now you just cant keep it in anymore, and have decided to just go for the transition. Probably feeling a lot like “Its my life, I have to start living it for me”. Again, a lot of respect due. If you dont have youth on your side, it makes things a lot harder. But as the name says….better late than never.
9) The Alternative Tranny - Usually a step ahead of the Amateur Tranny. Easily spotted by an androgynous dress sense, as is the norm with goths anyway, big hair and stompy platform boots. Typically personified by a hippy-ish attitude, love of all things geeky / computer games / sci-fi, and qoutes such as “Im not a tranny, im just being myself”.
10) The Stealth Transsexual - The absolute top-end of the Transgender spectrum. This person was born to be a girl…..just in the wrong body. Typically they transition VERY young, and after all the hormones/surgery look absolutely amazing. They may have even gone all the way, and had full sexual-reassignment surgery. Defining features? For some, what I find most annoying - total detachment from the Trans-community. They fear being “outed” to the public so badly that they cut all ties with their former life. Personality-wise, they’re pretty much completely female in a “normal” way, and harbour none of the male traits that all of the other categories do.
Where do I fit in? I have no idea. I guess I have parts of #3 and #9…..Im an Alternative-Drag-Queen!
In general this is just a bit of fun….most people wont fit these catagories exactly….but its good to ponder :P

(( Stolen from: Zara Kane - please check out her Tumbler.. its cool, and then i wont feel so guilty about re-blogging her content, hehehe))

So.. self analysis.... i'm definitely a 1.... mostly a 2 (but definitely into the gay sex, hehe).... and kinda an 8 in spirit. so my score: 1/2/8


  1. Definitely a 2 until I purge, then I'm rite back to a 1. Then I go shopping until I'm a 2 again !!

    1. giggles

      the circular life of the unrealized sissy gurl...

      oh how i can sympathize!
      **kisses & hugs!**

  2. I really enjoy your blog but I have a hard time reading the text.

    With your choice of font, font color, and background color for me, it's hard on my eyes. Have you thought about using something else with more of a contrast? Just a thought.


  3. 1,2,8 for me too. Wish I had a little more of the 5 in me too! Is that wrong? xxx

    1. hehe not at all! Truth be told.. i was debating on listing that one myself...

      "Annoyingly good at looking feminine, probably about 5’6 tall, skinny, with a HUGE appetite for cock. Kind of like a drag queen, only more convincing, and with no “persona”….these girls just dress this way to satisfy their sex drives, by praying on unsuspecting straight guys."

      i WISH i was so good looking that others were annoyed.. but i DO have a voracious appetite (hehehe). i DONT have a persona per say (nicolette is really just me.. but.. honest)... and i would nvr chance tricking a guy... whoa.. thats just dangerous!

  4. I'm definitely a #1 because of my endless shyness *blush*